Some bad habits lead to chronic insomnia

Some bad habits lead to chronic insomnia

Some bad habits lead to chronic insomnia

Core Tip: Zhang Xi, deputy director of the China Sleep Research Association, director of the Sleep Medicine Research Center of the PLA General Hospital, believes that some people’s insomnia is caused by bad habits.

  According to the statistics obtained by the China Sleep Research Association according to the one-month outpatient volume of the National Sleep Clinic, among the patients with sleep disorders, the middle-aged and elderly people aged 40 to 60 accounted for 36.

7%, of which chronic insomnia patients accounted for 78%.

Chronic insomnia has a physical and health hazard.

  Some middle-aged and elderly working people often go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning, get up at 7 or 8 in the morning, and get up late in the evening. Although the total sleep time per day can guarantee the work needs of one day, the long-term so-called sleep awakening clock clock, which is clinically known.”Sleep phase degeneration syndrome”, once they are required to return to the normal social life rhythm, they are difficult to adapt.

The professor pointed out that this is also a pathological condition, which is chronic insomnia caused by bad sleep habits.

  The normal sleep time is 8 hours plus or minus 4 hours, which is determined by the body’s own genes, rather than by poor living habits.

These bad sleep habits are often one of the causes of chronic insomnia.

  In life, chronic insomnia caused by mental disorders such as depression and depression accounts for 70%-80% of insomnia patients. Therefore, correcting insomnia is as important as treating depression and depression.

  Medical practice has proved that maintaining a good positive attitude, proper exercise, developing a good lifestyle and reasonable nutrient intake are the cornerstones of physical health, which is the most effective way to prevent sleep disorders in middle-aged and working people.

If there is a sleep problem, it is not appropriate to delay, you should go to the hospital for treatment, and get expert medical treatment and health guidance in time.

Cause of obesity

Cause of obesity


Cause of obesity

Why do I get fat?

Many people ask themselves this way.

Genetics, eating too much, lack of exercise, feeding central nervous disorders, hormonal abnormalities, etc., are the answer to obesity.

  People who get fat usually have too much to eat, too little to move, or obesity caused by a few diseases.

  Usually a large amount will be converted into feces, stored under the skin, or around the internal organs, except that the fecal layer is too thick and feces envelop the heart, or form fecal liver.

For modern people, obesity has become a chronic disease and will be derived from a variety of mutations.

So what is the cause of obesity?

  The cause of obesity 1.

Genetics: If the parents are fat, the children have a 70% chance of obesity. If one of the parents is obese, 50% of the children will exceed the chance. Of course, the family’s eating habits also have a great influence.


Eat too much: sweets, drinks, high-conversion foods, high oil, high sweetness, high protein, low fiber is also fat at first.


Insufficient exercise: If the diet is constant or the diet is too much, and the exercise is insufficient, it means that there is excess transfer to be converted into solid storage, which becomes more and more fat after a long period of time.


Staying up late: People who eat long after a long time or eat before going to bed are the most likely to gain weight.

Because the metabolism is poor at night and absorbed well, it is easy to gain weight.


Emotional diet: often because of emotional or sadness, involuntarily eating or overeating, causing too much, becoming unfortunate, slowly becoming obese.


Ingestion of central nervous system disorders, resulting in eating all the time but can not stop eating, it will present excess body shape.


Hormonal abnormalities, or female hormone secretion is not normal, it is also easy to gain weight.


Abnormal hormone secretion or the use of drugs, such as adrenaline, thyroxine, insulin, etc., or those who use steroids may cause obesity.

  So understand the cause of obesity, see if you belong to that kind of obesity, the right medicine to lose weight, can be easy and smooth.

What is the daily need for attachment inflammation?

What is the daily need for attachment inflammation?

What is the daily need for attachment inflammation?

Indeed, many women do not know the symptoms of attachment inflammation and do not find out that they replace the annex inflammation in time, thus failing to treat them in time, causing their own accelerated aging, and even affecting normal physiological ability. Therefore, it is very important to understand the symptoms of attachment inflammation.

So, what is the performance of the attachment inflammation?

What kind of care is needed daily?

Symptoms of acute attachment inflammation show fever: acute patients may have fever, and the body temperature will change according to the degree of inflammation.

Abdominal pain: mostly bilateral lower abdominal pain, occasional vomiting; abdominal pain increased during stool, accompanied by dysuria, constipation, abdominal distension.

Cervical redness: During gynecological examination, the vagina has purulent secretions, and the cervix has different degrees of redness and swelling.

Abnormal color: the color of the face of an acute patient is flushed. If the condition is aggravated, there will be symptoms of weakness and fatigue and pale complexion.

Irregular menstruation: After chronic chronic appendicitis, there is usually a phenomenon of repeated menstruation and excessive menstrual flow.

Dysmenorrhea: After the illness, the pelvic cavity often becomes congested, so that one week before the menstrual cramps, abdominal pain will occur. The closer to the menstrual period, the heavier the pain.

Abdominal pain: Chronic attachment inflammation can also cause symptoms of abdominal pain, and multiple accompanied by lumbosacral pain, swelling of the ankle, falling and so on.

If you find yourself having the above symptoms, be sure to go to the hospital in time!

Daily care measures for patients with attachment inflammation, patients with attachment inflammation should do the following in daily life: 1, acute attachment inflammation treatment is serious and thorough, so as not to become chronic.

2, patients with attachment inflammation should pay attention to personal hygiene and sexual life hygiene, re-menstrual sexual intercourse, usually maintain vulva, vaginal cleansing, active treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis, appendicitis, etc., to prevent induced abortion and infection after delivery.

3, active treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis and other gynecological inflammatory diseases, if necessary, surgical treatment.

4, patients with attachment inflammation should pay attention to the appropriate work and rest, in order to prevent the recurrence of chronic annexitis.

5, patients with appendicitis should eat light, can not eat cold, spicy stimulants, should drink more water.

What kind of care is needed for patients with attachment inflammation?

“The problem, gynecologists introduced you here, I believe that everyone knows that some of the occasional behaviors need us to pay attention to, these behaviors will affect the occurrence of attachment inflammation, we must do the prevention work in a down-to-earth manner,Finally, I wish you all a speedy recovery.

Related recommended accessories inflammatory patients eat what is good fast attachment inflammation should be how to carry out health care What is attachment inflammation?

Take you to know how to prevent inflammation of the attachment. How do women stay away from the attachment?

Five major health risks of boiled fish

Five major health risks of boiled fish

Five major health risks of boiled fish

Boiled fish is delicious, but it can’t be eaten often, because the direct consequence of eating boiled fish is to get angry and the throat hurts.

Eating boiled fish should be combined with chrysanthemum tea, which can alleviate the symptoms of getting angry.

So what are the health risks of eating boiled fish?

  The health risks of eating boiled fish: 1, more peppers: strong stimulation of the digestive tract.

  Most people know that eating more peppers can make people hot and get angry.

And boiled fish in the boiled fish.

  The hidden dangers are: strong stimulation of the digestive tract, severe gastrointestinal bleeding, or ulceration.

Will cause dry stools.

Causes the skin to develop deep abscesses that affect facial appearance.

  2, the taste is strong: stimulating the taste nerve is easy to addictive.

  The boiled fish has a strong spicy taste, which greatly stimulates the taste nerves of the human body, saliva, increased secretion of gastric juice, and accelerated peristalsis, which makes people excited.

  The hidden dangers are: making people’s taste fatigue, creating a sense of dependence, and eating more and more addictive.

This is why some people will eat a boiled fish every other day.

  3, side dish one: nutrition is not balanced.

  The unique taste of boiled fish makes it easy for people to ignore the intake of other foods while eating.

One of the side dishes in boiled fish, except for fish, vegetables are often only one type of bean sprouts.

Long-term consumption leads to uneven nutrition in the budget.

  The hidden danger is that with the spicy fish, most people will overtake Coke and beer, which makes them feel addictive and can also replace the spicy feeling.

But these drinks are not too much doping in the human body.

The sugar content in cola is very high and contains irritants such as caffeine.

Excessive intake of beer, the inclusion of alcohol makes the burden of the liver aggravated, causing a slight accumulation, severely will get obese liver.

  4, excessive salt: affect the health of blood vessels.

  Normal human body should have a salt intake of 3 per day?
5 grams, but the amount of salt in boiled fish far exceeds the normal standard.

  The hidden danger is that excessive intake of salt is likely to cause an increase in body water.

Excessive moisture can not be excreted in time, which will cause swelling of hands and feet and weight gain.

Women who consume boiled fish during menstruation can aggravate edema and are prone to fatigue.

Excessive intake of salt is prone to nervousness, elevated blood pressure, and can affect the elasticity of blood vessels.

  5, with more oil and repeated heating: destroy nutrition, the human body slightly repeated excess.

  The oil contains a lot of transients and traces, and the amount of human consumption will increase as the amount of food is excessive.

30 to 50 grams of edible oil per person per day (including the amount of oil in the food) can meet the needs of the body, not too much.

The oil used for cooking boiled fish is used in excess and is repeatedly heated.

  The hidden danger is that too much oil is implanted, resulting in a slight replacement of the human body.

It destroys the nutrients in the fish, and people cannot properly absorb the nutrients they need after eating.

  Health Tips: 1, eating boiled fish will lead to poor bowel movements the next day, it is because of too spicy, then it is best to drink more tea, if there is radish can eat some to ventilate.

  2, do not overdose boiled fish, especially those who are “addicted” who have to come to a basin every three to five, more attention should be paid.

  3, the direct consequence of eating boiled fish is that the sore throat, get angry, because these foods are mainly wet, prone to sputum, heat.

It should be combined with chrysanthemum tea. If you eat boiled fish in winter, you should drink at least 1000 ml of water every day to ease the fire.
  4, boiled fish is a high-protein, high-metabolized food, although the weather is getting cold to eat some high-energy foods are good, but pay attention to vegetables, fruits, so as not to cause vitamin deficiency.

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

In the time when the temperature difference between day and night increases, the elderly are prone to colds, coughs, fatigue, repeated respiratory tract, digestive tract and urinary tract infections.

People always blame the bacteria and viruses. In fact, bacteria and viruses can only cause diseases in people with low resistance, fever and infection in some elderly people.

In addition, the elderly are prone to various chronic diseases and are also associated with reduced immunity.

  Eat more antioxidant foods The free radicals produced by the body can damage cells in the body and destroy the immune system.

Only antioxidant nutrients can be removed.

As we age, the body’s antioxidants are reduced and eventually unable to remove the accumulated free radicals.

When the body is full of free radicals, health will illuminate red.

  Antioxidant nutrients that have special significance for the elderly include vitamins E, C, β-carotene, copper, and selenium.

Older people can get from potatoes, green tea, citrus, broccoli, milk, fish, wheat, cherries, strawberries, watermelons, and tomatoes. These are natural antioxidant foods that are cheap and good.

  In general, the digestive function of the elderly is poor and the dietary supplement is reduced. It is recommended to supplement the multivitamin mineral supplements supplemented with antioxidant nutrients, such as good silver tablets, which are tailor-made for the elderly to meet the needs of the body.

  Balanced nutrition is the foundation of immunity.

First, ensure high quality protein, including animal foods and soy products.

Mainly increase the intake of fish, eat one egg a day, 250 ml of milk per day, high-cholesterol patients can use skim milk.

Many alternative soy products such as tofu, dried bean curd and vegetarian chicken supplement both high-quality protein and no increase in blood lipids.

  Basically, eat fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are rich in trace elements, vitamins and complementary fiber.

Vitamin C and β-carotene play an important role in maintaining the normal physiological functions of the body, and supplemental fibers can increase intestinal peristalsis and prevent or relieve constipation.

  In addition, to ensure the absorption of various inorganic salts and trace elements, calcium, iron, selenium and chromium are important minerals for the elderly.

  Keep your mood happy. The body’s immune organs, such as the thymus, spleen, lymph glands and bone marrow, are distributed with nerve fibers. All nerves are controlled by the brain. Brain activity directly affects the function of the immune system.

A positive and optimistic attitude helps to promote the growth of immune cells and stimulate the vitality of the immune system, thus gradually protecting the body’s role.

  Behavioral sciences that regulate bad behaviors and habits can be the cause and cause of a range of diseases, including cancer.

Negative life factors continue to act on the body for a long time, and excessive stimulation of the immune system will disrupt normal physiological functions and lead to decreased immunity.

Therefore, the elderly should develop good habits, live daily, work and rest, balanced diet, and refrain from bad habits.

  Proper exercise appropriate exercise can improve central nervous system function, heart nutrient and metabolic metabolism, promote systemic blood and body fluid circulation and metabolism, delay the aging of body tissues and the decline of immune system function.

Accurate position map and massage technique of Ququan Point

Accurate position map and massage technique of Ququan Point

Accurate position map and massage technique of Ququan Point

Ququan points belong to the foot-stagnation of liver and liver, and regulate menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrhea, nephritis, knee pain and so on.

[Acupoint location]is located in the knee joint of the human body, bending the knee, when the knee joint is at the extremity, the posterior edge of the femoral part, the semitendinosus, and the semi-membrane muscle at the leading edge depression.

[anatomical position]in the posterior margin of the bone, the semimembranosus, the anterior superior point of the semitendinosus, the posterior margin of the sartorius muscle; the superficial saphenous vein in the shallow layer, the sacral vein in the deep, the vein; the occult nerve, closed holeNerve, deep axillary can reach the nerves of diabetes.

[Indications of hypertension]Ququan points indication to yin, liver and kidney, knee and other diseases: such as urinary adverse, enuresis, sputum closure, kidney gas and abdominal pain, vaginal pain and itching, spermatorrhea white turbidity, impotence and premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation, YinVery, amenorrhea, blood stasis, body heat headache, red pain, chest fullness, madness, blood stasis, cold knee pain, tendons are not stretched, limbs are not lifted.

Modern and more use Ququan points to treat nephritis, intestinal kidney, urinary retention, vaginitis, uterine prolapse, prostatitis, soft tissue inflammation around the knee joint and so on.

[Acupoint compatibility]Ququan point with knee eye point, Liangqiu point, Xuehai point, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, attending knee swelling and pain.

Ququan points are equipped with Baihui points, Qihai points, and have the effect of warming yang and invigorating the qi.

Ququan point is equipped with Zhongji point and Yinlingquan point. It has the function of clearing dampness and heat, and it is unfavorable to treat urination.

Ququan point with Qiushu point, Yanglingquan point for biliary tract disease; Ququan point with livershu point, Shenshu point, Zhangmen point, Shangqiu point, Taichong point to treat hepatitis; Ququan point with complex point, kidneyYu points, liver and acupoints cure vertigo of liver and kidney yin deficiency, eyelid disease; Ququan point with Zhigou, Yanglingquan point for heartache, acute pain, kidney pain; Ququan point with return to the point, SanyinjiaoPoint cures dysmenorrhea of liver qi stagnation, irregular menstruation.

[Massage Technique]When you massage the Ququan point, bend your knees, and in the knee joint, the thigh and the calf are connected to the dent at the end of the fold.

With the thumb vertical impact on the same side of the Ququan point, both hands at the same time, each time 5?
8 minutes, 1 time each morning and evening.

Be careful not to eat greasy, spicy food during the treatment, and take care to avoid cold.

Qigong adjustment and health method Massage internal organs to strengthen the body

Qigong adjustment and health method Massage internal organs to strengthen the body

Qigong adjustment and health method Massage internal organs to strengthen the body

The guiding group is a genre based on qigong and self-massage.
It originated from the dances of ancient times, and was later called the guide press (from the word to the giant plus Joe).
The representative exercises include “Five Birds Play” and “Tai Chi”.
  Qigong’s method of regulating health is to make full use of the subjective initiative of the practitioners. It is characterized by trainings such as consciousness, breathing, massage and limb movement. It is characterized by postures, breathing, massage and limb movements.The adjustment of breathing patterns and mental awareness is the basic method of health.
Chinese medicine believes that “fine, qi, and god” is the three treasures of life. As long as the qigong is used properly, it can raise the refined gas, train the spirit, and achieve the anti-aging purpose of perfection, qiwang and divine.
  The core of Qigong is to adjust, adjust, and adjust the heart, and to adjust the heart is also the core of the core.
Tune, that is, through the exercise of body posture and movement, promote the normal function of the human nervous system and cardiovascular system.
Adjusting the temperament, that is, through the deep and gentle breathing movement, enhances the oxygen exchange of the alveoli, thereby stimulating the functions of the heart, lungs and various systems of the body.
To adjust the mind, that is, on the basis of setting a certain posture, adjusting the breathing mode and relaxing the mind, to eliminate the distracting thoughts, and to return to the mind, the brain enters a special state of “into the static”, so that the brain cell activity tends to be ordered, the brainFully rested, thus enhancing the coordination of the cortical and subcortical centers, improving the body’s ability to repair and disease.
  The types of Qigong can be divided into two types: static and static.
“Moving” is to adjust and strengthen the physiology of various systems throughout the body through the slow and rhythmic rhythm and the rhythmic gymnastics posture and movements, combined with the “visceral massage” (internal motion) produced by self-massage and abdominal breathing.Function, to achieve the role of rickets and years.
“Static” is a self-exercise through mind and breathing, which enables the practitioner to enter a static state, thereby adjusting and enhancing the physiological functions of the various systems of the body.
“Moving” and “quiet” are relative, “moving power” is mainly based on movement, and there is static in movement; “static power” is mainly static, and there is movement in silence.
  The genre of Qigong The genre of Qigong can be divided into the Tu Nai, which mainly regulates breathing, and the meditation school, which is mainly based on body movements and self-massage.
  This is a genre of breathing exercises.
  Nagasai is a method of adjusting breath by breath holding.
Tao Hongjing of the Southern and Northern Dynasties said in the “National Deferred Life Record”: “The body is lying in the air, and the air is not in the heart, counting to two hundred, but it is exhaled.”
“It is now generally simplified to the “suck-stop-call” method.
  The exhalation is based on prolonging the exhalation time.
Tao Hongjing created the “six-character pipa”, that is, when exhaling, he issued different “voices, 嘘, 呼, (t-words to 屯 plus four), 嘻” in the mouth.
It is now generally simplified to the “call-stop-suck” method.
  The meditation faction is a kind of qigong genre with thoughts and thoughts as the mainstay. It is also called sit-in or meditation. It requires introverted thoughts and meditation, that is, the practice of meditation.
  The interest-seeking method includes a numeracy-based “counting method” and a “hittering method” of listening to the breath with the ear.
  The idea of saving thoughts is to achieve the purpose of eliminating distractions and entering silence.
Save my god and think about myself.
The object or object of thought can be its own internal scene, such as the shape, color or a part of the body of the internal organs. This is called “internal vision”.
You can also think about the location, such as blue sky, white clouds, flowers, and beautiful scenery.
If you imagine a group of hot air, from the small abdomen of Dantian to the perineum point, over the tail scorpion, the life gate (the ridge), and then down to the small belly Dantian, so the stream is endless, called Xiao Zhoutian.
If this kind of internal air is induced to the odd eight-vein or twelve-way meridians, it is called the big Sunday.

In the autumn, the treatment of armor, soiled skin + Xanthium is a good choice, learned to easily break down hyperthyroidism

In the autumn, the treatment of armor, soiled skin + Xanthium is a good choice, learned to easily break down hyperthyroidism

In the autumn, the treatment of armor, “soiled skin + Xanthium” is a good choice, learned to easily break down hyperthyroidism

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Onychomycosis, I believe many friends are familiar with it, because there are too many friends around us suffering from nail fungus.

If you ask how to get the onychomycosis, I believe many of my friends will say “contagion”. I don’t know that there are too many factors in our daily life, which are the reasons why we suffer from onychomycosis.

In daily life, what factors can cause people to suffer from this difficult disease?

1. Frequently entering public places with poor environmental conditions in a poor environment, it is easy to breed a large amount of starch. If someone often enters such a public place, the skin will be easily contaminated with a large amount of dust, and the size will beThe protein on the skin is reduced for growth and reproduction, especially on the skin around the nail, and a large amount of debris accumulates, which will cause shrinkage to invade the deck and cause onychomycosis.

2, do not pay attention to diet because the current life rhythm is relatively fast, people’s life pressure is relatively large, resulting in many people will have a bad diet, if the diet is not good, it will be tolerated, leading to the body’s nutritional balance is broken, if the body’s nutritional imbalance, it will easily lead to the body’s immune system decline, if the nail’s immunity is low, in the summer of mass reproduction, it will easily cause damage to the nail bed, causing people to suffer from onychomycosis.

3, long-term bad habits, everyone will have some bad habits, such as long-term non-washing shoes, the living environment has not been cleaned for a long time, these bad habits believe that many people have, and it is these badThe habits will lead to the proliferation of flour. If the shoes breed a lot of fungi, the smash will easily invade the toenails and cause the onychomycosis. If the living environment breeds smaller fragments, if people are in such an environment for a long time.If you live, your nails will be easily dilated and you will get onychomycosis.

Because of the role of onychomycosis, it has a greater impact on people, so when someone is suffering from onychomycosis, be sure to remember the timely treatment.

For the treatment of onychomycosis, the most commonly used methods for patients are currently the following.

1, soil scorpion + Xanthium scorpion 10 grams, 10 grams of Aoki, 10 grams of Xanthium, soaked with a pound of Chen (m) vinegar for a week, use 锉, 锉 nail surface, then use cottonThe ball is placed on top of the medicine, and it takes about half an hour.

Generally 1-3 months turn better.

2, acetic acid garlic take 20 cloves of garlic, remove the outer skin, chopped or smashed, put into a glass jar with a stopper.

Add 10 ml of 10% acetic acid (also can be replaced with vinegar), soak for one day, then use.

Before use, immerse the nails in warm water for 5 minutes, soak the nails, cut or scrape the removed nails with scissors, and soak the nails into the garlic dip for 15 minutes.

3, bactericidal kit in the “Chinese medicine dermatology” has been introduced throughout the article: Jianhua Niu ash net Chinese medicine set, instead of Sophora flavescens, Kochia scoparia, Cnidium and other valuable Chinese herbal medicine, with cool blood, promoting blood circulation, detoxification, sterilizing and itching, preventing fungus from growing again, repairing the affected nails, promoting the regeneration of new nails, so as to completely cure the patients. Generally, one week can stop the deterioration of the disease, and new nails grow and change in about two months.It is rosy and shiny. In addition, more than 90% of patients after rehabilitation will not repeat.

And now you can find it on the scouring, very convenient.

For the onychomycosis, there is treatment, of course, there is prevention, so that you can completely get rid of the nails, keep the environment clean and maintain the sanitary condition of the living environment, and do not create a favorable environment for growth and reproduction.

Always change the sheets and clothing, change socks, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

If you have daily necessities for patients with hand, foot and ankle, you should regularly disinfect with boiling water or use sunlight to sterilize.

2, do not share permanent supplies with others, do not share permanent supplies with others, do not share washing utensils with others to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes and socks, footbath, wipes, etc., which is an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

3, strengthen physical exercise to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical resistance, but also pay attention to proper nutrition regulation, enhance the body’s ability to resist pathogenic fungi, and greatly improve the ability to improve infection resistance.

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Comparing the preparation of home improvement to preparing for the battle is absolutely no problem.

If you have a sloppy decoration that doesn’t suit your own mind, just look at the current news on the market to cut corners, harm health, etc., let us be scared.

Therefore, the home decoration is sloppy, we are now step by step, step by step for the preparation of the renovation of your “planning.”

The following four methods can help you solve the decoration puzzle, and the blitz action can begin.

  The kits should be prepared for the decoration of the family. Generally, the preparation should be started about two months before the renovation. In the 30-60 day decoration period, the goods may be received at any time, and the supervisors of important projects may be prepared at any time.Waiting for unexpected situations, therefore, before the renovation, you must first allocate the waiting time of the following members, and it is better to establish a waiting list for friends or neighbors who can help yourself to cope with unexpected situations.

  It is a very professional thing to decorate and bluff the decoration for the decoration of the Internet. As a layman, it is absolutely impossible to cope with the big traps and organs in the market.

Therefore, it is very necessary that 2-3 months before the renovation should begin to make up for the knowledge of decoration.

You can first go to the name of the decoration forum of the website such as SouFun Decoration to learn about the construction procedures, what are the meanings of group nouns and so on.

In the age of the Internet, the information is extremely rich, and any knowledge on the Internet can be replaced.

  2.After registering and understanding some of the decoration knowledge, you can start asking questions from the masters in the jar.

Ask netizens, ask experts, ask manufacturers, no matter if you have any doubts about the decoration, as long as you have the opportunity, you should not hesitate to ask people who have experience in decoration.

In the end, there will definitely be a total of shallow.

Tip one, first ask the netizens, wait until the Hanjin promotion from the decoration door, and then ask the experts, otherwise they rarely reply.

Tip 2, start to work hard to fill the joke, wait for everyone to be familiar with each other, and then ask questions, the effect is excellent.

  3.Of course, the easiest way to do this now is to see some articles in the home class.

For example, our “preparation for home improvement is required.”

  Tips and abacus to avoid over budget If your renovation budget is 5 million, you will often find that after the renovation, your actual cost will rise to 60,000-7 million, so I suggest you start at the beginning.At that time, I prepared a little more than the actual budget and made a margin.

Additional costs that may arise during renovation include: telephone, food and beverage, handling, and rework.

Therefore, we must be fully prepared.

  The most important preparation is that after getting the room key, in addition to checking the house quality according to the purchase contract, the field trip before the renovation was done together.

Understand whether the house is constructed of a certain material, is a superior board, or a brick-concrete structure;
If you can get the detailed drawings of the house and want to change the layout of the room, you can first understand which wall in the room is non-bearing wall can be dismantled;
You should also have a preliminary plan for the new home, for example, the future function of each room.

Socket, network cable, TV signal line layout.

The approximate location of the furniture and appliances in the room;
Check out the home improvement pictures online, and define the decoration style you want according to your own house type and your own needs.

  It is a tough job to visit the building materials market in the preparation of the building materials. If you are the person who pursues perfection, this is often not solved by visiting a building materials market.

The first time you go to the market, mainly to check the brand, understand the product, and find the materials that meet your budget, you can go to the market with the following five questions: 1.
Some things involve the effect of decoration, saving money and the effect is the election;
Some of the use of decades is to spend a lot of money, but also must buy good;
Some well-known brands are inexpensive; 4.
In some markets, the lowest discount is most likely; the price of three to five items selected in two or three markets (including building materials supermarkets and home markets) can be compared and converted into;
Which is the nearest building materials supermarket, the furniture market.

  According to the construction sequence, the materials that need to be inspected and determined first are: water pipe materials, faucets, radiators, wires, audio cables, tiles, sanitary ware.

It should be noted that some building materials need to be booked in advance, and consumers are often required to pay a certain deposit to the merchant.

Tiles are around 100-200 yuan.
In the preparation stage, if you are looking for materials, it is best not to pay the deposit easily, or to agree that the deposit can be refunded, so as to avoid many extra losses.

  Reminders must-have gadgets with room decoration everywhere is the distance, area and price conversion, so before the renovation, you can prepare a small bag, prepare some necessary tools for decoration measurement and calculation.

  1.Ben and pen.

It is especially important when visiting the building materials market. Whether it is to record the decoration knowledge, the price of the product or the contact information of the manufacturer, the design of the home, the cost during the decoration, etc., can be carefully recorded and used for reference.

Of course, the best thing is to be able to record your own renovation progress and cost every day. This is the magic weapon to control the budget.


Holding the calculator, you are not afraid of profiters setting traps on the total price.

Remind everyone, after talking to the merchants about the price, be sure to use your own calculator to verify all the total prices. If the total price is calculated incorrectly, the unit price we worked hard to cut will be meaningless.
  3.tape measure.

Measuring the house, measuring the amount of furniture, measuring the amount of cabinets, measuring the floor, in short, during the decoration process, when can not be less.

Every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, we must pay attention to these tricks in the New Year!

Every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, we must pay attention to these tricks in the New Year!

Every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, we must pay attention to these tricks in the New Year!

Chicken, fish, shrimp, crab.

The high protein and high sorghum selectivity played the main theme of the Spring Festival.

Liquor, red wine, yellow wine, a few cups of belly, worry and forget.

I always feel that all kinds of festivals are prepared for food, but the foodies should pay attention to it. When the festival is three pounds, the Spring Festival diet has to be controlled. New Year’s health is a blessing.

How to eat in the Spring Festival, healthy nutrition, diet, New Year chicken, fish, shrimp, crab. High protein, high diet is the main diet of the Spring Festival table, plus frequent drinking, or not pay attention to food hygiene, your body may be during the Spring FestivalIt is overwhelmed, so the public should pay attention to food safety during the passing period, and should not overeating to prevent the occurrence of high blood fat, sudden weight gain and other adverse consequences.

Vegetables are indispensable. The family table is getting more and more abundant. In the Spring Festival, it is even more difficult to get rid of fish.

However, the public often feels fatigue and metabolic gas.

In fact, the public may wish to relieve some of these physical crises by eating more vegetables.

  Fresh vegetables are alkaline foods that are rich in cellulose and neutralize excess acid in the body to maintain the body’s metabolism.

Among them, the cellulose in vegetables can be greasy, maintain normal peristalsis in the body, and prevent constipation.

For example: radish, celery, pepper, etc.

Of course, there are many kinds of vegetables, each of which has the effect of being greasy and helping digestion. Therefore, the public should eat more comprehensively and do not have a preference.

Fruit can prevent disease when you enjoy delicious food during the Spring Festival.

It can regulate and improve the body’s metabolic function, prevent various diseases and improve health.

For example, apples are rich in vitamins and minerals, which have the effect of thirst, nourishing the brain and helping the blood, soothe the nerves, treating chronic diarrhea and losing weight.

Pears may contain sugar, vitamins, minerals and pectin.

Sexually cold, with the effect of reducing blood pressure, moistening and moistening.

Coughing, more elderly people should eat more.

Variety of versatile varieties with exceptional variety is the characteristics of the Spring Festival diet.

When arranging a festive diet, you should strive for a combination of color, aroma, and taste in the expected color, cool and conditioning, and dry and thin.

It is a traditional feature to supplement fat and greasy in the Spring Festival, and the modern diet is striving to change the habit of eating large fish and meat.

The choice of foraging should be small and refined, and the production should be light and beautiful.

For meat, you should choose rabbit meat, pig’s trotters, chicken feet, etc., which are not often eaten, which are both fresh and delicious.

The production of fish should be based on steaming, use less frying, take it light, highlight the umami taste, promote appetite, and protect nutrition.

Chinese diet diet contraindications liver disease patients avoid “drink” liver disease patients drinking, will directly damage liver cells, and even liver cells degeneration or necrosis, leading to further deterioration of the disease.

Patients with biliary diseases avoid the greasy food during the “oil” festival. If a patient with biliary disease eats a lot of greasy food, it will increase the burden of gallbladder and cause acute cholecystitis.

Therefore, patients with biliary disease should not eat greasy food.

Cold patients avoid “gathering” during the Spring Festival, the weather is cold, some people are prone to colds and colds, such as visiting friends and relatives together, it is easy to cause cross-infection and epidemics of the disease.

Therefore, patients with colds should not go out, it is best to nurse at home, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also to avoid transmitting the disease to others.

Diabetic patients avoid “full” festivals, rich in delicious food, such as excessive secretion of pancreatic juice stimulated by excessive consumption of the club, resulting in increased plasma tube pressure, resulting in rupture of the plasma tube, causing acute pneumonia.

Hypertensive patients avoid “noisy” during the festival, family and friends get together, people are more lively, transforming the brain in an excited state, leading to increased secretion of catecholamines in the body, gradually rapid heartbeat, accelerated blood flow, small arterial obstruction, elevated blood pressure and induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascularThe onset of the disease.

Patients with coronary heart disease should avoid excessive exercise or excessive play during the “tired” holiday, which will accelerate the heart rate, increase the heart load, increase blood pressure, and induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction or stroke.

Diabetic patients avoid “sweet” festivals, diabetic patients should avoid “sweet” food, otherwise it will increase the burden on the human body, and may even endanger life.

Patients with vasculitis refrain from using the “smoke” festival, often have friends and family come to the house to “new year”, vasculitis patients accompany frequent smoking in order to entertain guests, which will increase accumulation of accumulation and resist fibrin dissolutionTo make the blood in a hypercoagulable state, thereby making it worse.

Patients with peptic ulcer avoid the “熬” higher folks have the habit of “soon-keeping” for the New Year’s Eve. Patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers stay up all night with their families, or watch TV overnight, making the body fatigue or lack of sleep.Cause disease bombardment or worsening of the condition.

Chronic respiratory diseases patients avoid “cool” during the Spring Festival, acute attacks, so bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases patients should pay attention to cold and warm, avoid cold, to prevent recurrence of old diseases.

Spring Festival solution to help digestion Xiaomenmen hawthorn digestion We often eat more things, not too good to eat when eating some hawthorn pills, because it can help us to digest quickly.Because the crude fiber contained in the hawthorn is as high as 20%, it can promote bowel movement.

Hawthorn can also increase the activity of pepsin. The micro-enzymes contained in it can promote micro-decomposition, eliminate the accumulation of impurities and help digestion. It is especially beneficial in digesting meat. It also has the effect of lowering blood fat and blood pressure.Vascular disease and strengthening the heart are particularly beneficial.

Hawthorn helps digestion.

The vinegar promotes metabolism. The amino acids contained in the edible vinegar can not only decompose the body, but also promote the smooth metabolism of sugars, proteins, etc., so that good weight loss can be utilized.

In addition, after eating too much fish, meat, white rice, bread and other foods, drinking some vinegar can help digestion, vinegar contains substitute substances and amino acids, etc., can stimulate the brain’s nerve center, so that the digestive organs secrete a lotDigestive juice to enhance digestion.

Papaya helps digest papaya with a kind of papaya enzyme. These papaya enzymes can decompose proteins and sugars, which can be decomposed. This is the biggest feature of papaya. It can eliminate excess meat, reduce mast cells and promote metabolism through decomposition.Excrete excess toxins out of the body to achieve weight loss!

It can also help digestion in the whole intestine, and it can treat gastroenteritis, indigestion, and prevent cancer of the digestive system.

Barley tea to greasy barley tea should be said to be a veritable “health drink.”

Barley tea made from roasted barley contains various trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and substituted fibers, which are required by the human body, and the sugar content is extremely low.

During the Spring Festival, most of the diet was greasy, fried foods, and a few meals could easily lead to food stagnation and even accidental accumulation.

Barley tea just has the effect of going to greasy, helping digestion, benefiting Qi and strengthening the stomach.

Barley tea also has a unique supplement fiber, which can replace the “garbage” in the stomach and bring it out of the body, making it easy and healthy, without any extra heat and burden.

Sour plum soup is very greasy in the summer. People often drink sour plum soup to relieve heat. In fact, the most important role of sour plum soup is to greasy.

The main raw material in the sour plum soup is ebony, which can effectively relieve excess oiliness in the human body. The dried tangerine peel can also effectively inhibit the conversion of residual sugar into sputum.

Not only that, sour plum soup is also an alkaline beverage, which can help neutralize the acidic effects of sugars and lipids and accelerate its metabolic decomposition.

Therefore, when you have big fish and meat, you may wish to choose a homemade sour plum soup as a greasy health drink.

Ginger tea Jianweixiaoshi material: 6 grams of black tea, 10 grams of old ginger, honey amount.

  Production: Add black tea leaves and old ginger to clear water simmered tea. When it is warm, add honey.

  Efficacy: warm and dispelling cold, stomach and digestion.

Applicable to stomach pain caused by cold evil.

Finally, the old Chinese doctors in Guangdong here thank all the staff for their attention and support. I wish you all healthy and safe in the new year!

I want to make things happen!

The body is great!

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