Busy in the spring, you have to rest

Busy in the spring, you have to “rest”

The tranquility and harmony of the life in the field is the life that many urban office workers yearn for. In fact, compared with the rural life, urban life is full of all kinds of opportunities and colors, but at the same time, it is also a sacrifice of the new generation.At the expense of people’s happy life, long-term work in high-stress and high-frequency life, people will feel the irritability under the pressure of pressure, even because of the fast-paced life rules, resulting in three meals of unhealthy diet, inadequate physical exerciseWait, all the shadows of the disease have been buried.
Health, happy life, sometimes, just to make life, take a break.
  First, sneak in the busy, know how to relax their feelings TCM health, the most attention to the adjustment of body and mind, balance, then the disease does not invade, in fact, is a stable state of mind, stable emotions are extremely important to a person’s health.
Then high-tempo groups in urban life, under high pressure, it is difficult to achieve emotional stability, long-term high-pressure and high-load work, work efficiency is not high, and will seriously affect the individual’s life, sleep quality, and more likely to cause various diseases.
  In Chinese medicine, people are under heavy stress for a long time, and the adrenal gland secretes a large amount of adrenaline and corticosteroids. Under the action of these hormones, it affects the human sensory nervous system, and then the immune system leads to people.The immunity is reduced and the disease is produced.
Therefore, one of the key points of urban life is to learn to sneak in leisure, and when appropriate, let yourself rest, better than tonic every day.
  Second, learn to control the speed of life Sometimes, life too fast will bring disease, but the speed of life is too slow, it will also cause disease, so the most appropriate way is to control the speed of self-life.
Let the fast-paced life slow down properly.
  First of all, “slow” performance is slow towards life, that is, no matter what the situation is, when feeling self-emotional uneasiness, give yourself a few minutes, first stabilize your emotions, and then deal with related problems.In this way, I believe that it will get twice the result with half the effort.
  Secondly, “slow” is also manifested in a healthy way to adjust the quality of life, moderate exercise, moderate relaxation, moderate venting, and people will be healthier.
  Third, the way to maintain health Many urban young people enjoy a healthy lifestyle, like yoga, cycling, running fitness or aerobics, are a good way to exercise.
  骑自行车,强心肺  春季踏青,骑着自行车又是另一种风味,骑着车迎着春风,穿越周围像画卷一样美妙的风景,心情不禁畅快无比,顿时感觉这不仅是一种健身运动,更It is a pleasure of exile.
Cycling not only accelerates blood circulation through leg movements, but also strengthens microvascular tissue.
  Tip: Free cycling is not limited to time and intensity, mainly to alleviate the physical and mental fatigue caused by the pressure of life; the intensity cycling method can stipulate how many kilometers per hour, and effectively strengthen the stimulation of the heart and lungs.Exercise the cardiovascular system; intermittent cycling can be alternately fast and slow, for example, slow ride for 5 minutes, then fast ride for 5 minutes, and then repeat this cycle several times; aerobic cycling is mainly in the middleSpeed riding, generally riding 45-60 minutes, is good for weight loss and improve heart and lung function.
  Good places to ride: Zhujiang River, Zengcheng Greenway and Nansha Wetland Park.
  Doing yoga, peace of mind In the mild spring of the sun, quietly doing yoga on the green lawn, let the body slightly sweat, is a very enjoyable!
Yoga postures of various postures, massage the internal organs of the body, not only can promote blood circulation, stretch stiff muscles, make the joints flexible, but also make the glands secrete balance, strengthen the nerves, eliminate the body tension and fatigue.
  Tip: Yoga breathing is different from general breathing. It is to inhale the upper abdomen and chest through inhalation, and then remove the air more thoroughly through the abdominal muscles.

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