In the autumn, the treatment of armor, soiled skin + Xanthium is a good choice, learned to easily break down hyperthyroidism

In the autumn, the treatment of armor, “soiled skin + Xanthium” is a good choice, learned to easily break down hyperthyroidism

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Onychomycosis, I believe many friends are familiar with it, because there are too many friends around us suffering from nail fungus.

If you ask how to get the onychomycosis, I believe many of my friends will say “contagion”. I don’t know that there are too many factors in our daily life, which are the reasons why we suffer from onychomycosis.

In daily life, what factors can cause people to suffer from this difficult disease?

1. Frequently entering public places with poor environmental conditions in a poor environment, it is easy to breed a large amount of starch. If someone often enters such a public place, the skin will be easily contaminated with a large amount of dust, and the size will beThe protein on the skin is reduced for growth and reproduction, especially on the skin around the nail, and a large amount of debris accumulates, which will cause shrinkage to invade the deck and cause onychomycosis.

2, do not pay attention to diet because the current life rhythm is relatively fast, people’s life pressure is relatively large, resulting in many people will have a bad diet, if the diet is not good, it will be tolerated, leading to the body’s nutritional balance is broken, if the body’s nutritional imbalance, it will easily lead to the body’s immune system decline, if the nail’s immunity is low, in the summer of mass reproduction, it will easily cause damage to the nail bed, causing people to suffer from onychomycosis.

3, long-term bad habits, everyone will have some bad habits, such as long-term non-washing shoes, the living environment has not been cleaned for a long time, these bad habits believe that many people have, and it is these badThe habits will lead to the proliferation of flour. If the shoes breed a lot of fungi, the smash will easily invade the toenails and cause the onychomycosis. If the living environment breeds smaller fragments, if people are in such an environment for a long time.If you live, your nails will be easily dilated and you will get onychomycosis.

Because of the role of onychomycosis, it has a greater impact on people, so when someone is suffering from onychomycosis, be sure to remember the timely treatment.

For the treatment of onychomycosis, the most commonly used methods for patients are currently the following.

1, soil scorpion + Xanthium scorpion 10 grams, 10 grams of Aoki, 10 grams of Xanthium, soaked with a pound of Chen (m) vinegar for a week, use 锉, 锉 nail surface, then use cottonThe ball is placed on top of the medicine, and it takes about half an hour.

Generally 1-3 months turn better.

2, acetic acid garlic take 20 cloves of garlic, remove the outer skin, chopped or smashed, put into a glass jar with a stopper.

Add 10 ml of 10% acetic acid (also can be replaced with vinegar), soak for one day, then use.

Before use, immerse the nails in warm water for 5 minutes, soak the nails, cut or scrape the removed nails with scissors, and soak the nails into the garlic dip for 15 minutes.

3, bactericidal kit in the “Chinese medicine dermatology” has been introduced throughout the article: Jianhua Niu ash net Chinese medicine set, instead of Sophora flavescens, Kochia scoparia, Cnidium and other valuable Chinese herbal medicine, with cool blood, promoting blood circulation, detoxification, sterilizing and itching, preventing fungus from growing again, repairing the affected nails, promoting the regeneration of new nails, so as to completely cure the patients. Generally, one week can stop the deterioration of the disease, and new nails grow and change in about two months.It is rosy and shiny. In addition, more than 90% of patients after rehabilitation will not repeat.

And now you can find it on the scouring, very convenient.

For the onychomycosis, there is treatment, of course, there is prevention, so that you can completely get rid of the nails, keep the environment clean and maintain the sanitary condition of the living environment, and do not create a favorable environment for growth and reproduction.

Always change the sheets and clothing, change socks, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

If you have daily necessities for patients with hand, foot and ankle, you should regularly disinfect with boiling water or use sunlight to sterilize.

2, do not share permanent supplies with others, do not share permanent supplies with others, do not share washing utensils with others to avoid cross-infection.

Do not borrow shoes and socks, footbath, wipes, etc., which is an effective way to prevent indirect infection.

3, strengthen physical exercise to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical resistance, but also pay attention to proper nutrition regulation, enhance the body’s ability to resist pathogenic fungi, and greatly improve the ability to improve infection resistance.

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