Emergency slimming meal, drinking white porridge, 3 days, easy to lose 6 pounds

Emergency slimming meal, drinking white porridge, 3 days, easy to lose 6 pounds

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of oceans to buy a new line, try the 3rd emergency slimming meal. If you do it carefully, you can lose 6 pounds in just 3 shorts, but you must remember it, even lose it.6 pounds make you ecstatic, you must also take a safer and more nutritious slimming recipe after the date, this weight loss recipe can only be used 1-2 times a month, long-term use will cause malnutrition.

  Breakfast on the first day: white porridge, a steamed bun lunch: white porridge, a white boiled egg dinner: white porridge, a dish of stir-fried dishes 2nd day breakfast: white porridge, a sesame bag 3rd day breakfast: white porridge, five pieces of crepe cake lunch: white porridge, a note of wheat notes: 1.

Three meals a day, white porridge to eat, other side dishes are prohibited 2.

If you are afraid that the porridge is too cold, you can add a few slices of ginger with 煲3.

In order to increase the taste, it can be infiltrated into 1/3 rice porridge 4.

Stomach and hyperacidity may occur. If the condition is severe, stop it and shorten the three days to two days or one day.

After three days, you should be able to reduce four to six pounds. If you want better results, replace the more thorough purification, that is, the other does not eat at all, only eat white porridge, but some people may not be able to adapt, you can try, start one day and a halfEat the above menu, and eat only white porridge in the next day and a half. You will find yourself re-doing after three days, even the skin is smooth and delicate, and the acne and facial oil will also decrease.

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