Cause of obesity


Cause of obesity

Why do I get fat?

Many people ask themselves this way.

Genetics, eating too much, lack of exercise, feeding central nervous disorders, hormonal abnormalities, etc., are the answer to obesity.

  People who get fat usually have too much to eat, too little to move, or obesity caused by a few diseases.

  Usually a large amount will be converted into feces, stored under the skin, or around the internal organs, except that the fecal layer is too thick and feces envelop the heart, or form fecal liver.

For modern people, obesity has become a chronic disease and will be derived from a variety of mutations.

So what is the cause of obesity?

  The cause of obesity 1.

Genetics: If the parents are fat, the children have a 70% chance of obesity. If one of the parents is obese, 50% of the children will exceed the chance. Of course, the family’s eating habits also have a great influence.


Eat too much: sweets, drinks, high-conversion foods, high oil, high sweetness, high protein, low fiber is also fat at first.


Insufficient exercise: If the diet is constant or the diet is too much, and the exercise is insufficient, it means that there is excess transfer to be converted into solid storage, which becomes more and more fat after a long period of time.


Staying up late: People who eat long after a long time or eat before going to bed are the most likely to gain weight.

Because the metabolism is poor at night and absorbed well, it is easy to gain weight.


Emotional diet: often because of emotional or sadness, involuntarily eating or overeating, causing too much, becoming unfortunate, slowly becoming obese.


Ingestion of central nervous system disorders, resulting in eating all the time but can not stop eating, it will present excess body shape.


Hormonal abnormalities, or female hormone secretion is not normal, it is also easy to gain weight.


Abnormal hormone secretion or the use of drugs, such as adrenaline, thyroxine, insulin, etc., or those who use steroids may cause obesity.

  So understand the cause of obesity, see if you belong to that kind of obesity, the right medicine to lose weight, can be easy and smooth.

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