Five major health risks of boiled fish

Five major health risks of boiled fish

Boiled fish is delicious, but it can’t be eaten often, because the direct consequence of eating boiled fish is to get angry and the throat hurts.

Eating boiled fish should be combined with chrysanthemum tea, which can alleviate the symptoms of getting angry.

So what are the health risks of eating boiled fish?

  The health risks of eating boiled fish: 1, more peppers: strong stimulation of the digestive tract.

  Most people know that eating more peppers can make people hot and get angry.

And boiled fish in the boiled fish.

  The hidden dangers are: strong stimulation of the digestive tract, severe gastrointestinal bleeding, or ulceration.

Will cause dry stools.

Causes the skin to develop deep abscesses that affect facial appearance.

  2, the taste is strong: stimulating the taste nerve is easy to addictive.

  The boiled fish has a strong spicy taste, which greatly stimulates the taste nerves of the human body, saliva, increased secretion of gastric juice, and accelerated peristalsis, which makes people excited.

  The hidden dangers are: making people’s taste fatigue, creating a sense of dependence, and eating more and more addictive.

This is why some people will eat a boiled fish every other day.

  3, side dish one: nutrition is not balanced.

  The unique taste of boiled fish makes it easy for people to ignore the intake of other foods while eating.

One of the side dishes in boiled fish, except for fish, vegetables are often only one type of bean sprouts.

Long-term consumption leads to uneven nutrition in the budget.

  The hidden danger is that with the spicy fish, most people will overtake Coke and beer, which makes them feel addictive and can also replace the spicy feeling.

But these drinks are not too much doping in the human body.

The sugar content in cola is very high and contains irritants such as caffeine.

Excessive intake of beer, the inclusion of alcohol makes the burden of the liver aggravated, causing a slight accumulation, severely will get obese liver.

  4, excessive salt: affect the health of blood vessels.

  Normal human body should have a salt intake of 3 per day?
5 grams, but the amount of salt in boiled fish far exceeds the normal standard.

  The hidden danger is that excessive intake of salt is likely to cause an increase in body water.

Excessive moisture can not be excreted in time, which will cause swelling of hands and feet and weight gain.

Women who consume boiled fish during menstruation can aggravate edema and are prone to fatigue.

Excessive intake of salt is prone to nervousness, elevated blood pressure, and can affect the elasticity of blood vessels.

  5, with more oil and repeated heating: destroy nutrition, the human body slightly repeated excess.

  The oil contains a lot of transients and traces, and the amount of human consumption will increase as the amount of food is excessive.

30 to 50 grams of edible oil per person per day (including the amount of oil in the food) can meet the needs of the body, not too much.

The oil used for cooking boiled fish is used in excess and is repeatedly heated.

  The hidden danger is that too much oil is implanted, resulting in a slight replacement of the human body.

It destroys the nutrients in the fish, and people cannot properly absorb the nutrients they need after eating.

  Health Tips: 1, eating boiled fish will lead to poor bowel movements the next day, it is because of too spicy, then it is best to drink more tea, if there is radish can eat some to ventilate.

  2, do not overdose boiled fish, especially those who are “addicted” who have to come to a basin every three to five, more attention should be paid.

  3, the direct consequence of eating boiled fish is that the sore throat, get angry, because these foods are mainly wet, prone to sputum, heat.

It should be combined with chrysanthemum tea. If you eat boiled fish in winter, you should drink at least 1000 ml of water every day to ease the fire.
  4, boiled fish is a high-protein, high-metabolized food, although the weather is getting cold to eat some high-energy foods are good, but pay attention to vegetables, fruits, so as not to cause vitamin deficiency.

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