[Can you breast enlarge by eating bird’s nest?]

[Can breast enhancement be done by eating bird’s nest?

】 _How to breast enhancement_How to breast enhancement

Bird’s nest is a relatively precious ingredient. The nutritional value of bird’s nest is very high, and the bird’s nest also contains a lot of collagen. Regular consumption can nourish the body, and at the same time it can achieve the role of beauty and beauty, while women can eat bird’s nest to achieveA certain breast enhancement effect, because the bird’s nest contains a certain amount of collagen, which can supplement the body’s protein, so the effect of breast enhancement is achieved.

Can bird’s nest increase breasts?

Why eating bird’s nest can increase breast nutrition? Bird’s nest has a very high nutritional value, which is widely recognized as an excellent recipe for women’s beauty.

As to whether the bird’s nest can be breast augmented, I can tell you for sure that bird’s nest has a certain effect on breast augmentation.

Because the nutritional content of bird’s nest contains a type of collagen, and collagen has a great disadvantage for breast enhancement.

How to eat bird’s nest breast enhancement effect is best Although experts point out that the nutrients contained in bird’s nest have a certain effect on breast enhancement, but how can it exert its ability to absorb and not damage the bird’s nest breast enhancement nutrients contained in it, so now you recommend a breast enhancementThe best bird’s nest eating method.

Stewed bird’s nest with fresh milk: Prepare fresh milk, bird’s nest, a few pieces of red dates, and a moderate amount of rock sugar; wash the bird’s nest, pit the red dates, then put the stew cup together, add the fresh milk, and use the slow-simmering method for about two hours.Edible.

The effect of breast enhancement is very good, and it is an excellent tonic with fresh milk.

The contraindication to eating bird’s nest is also called bird’s nest. It is a nest nested with saliva and honor mixed with tears such as Jinsiyan. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bird’s nest is a high-end tonic, with lungs and yin, blood and stomachIn the middle, the effect of skin care is suitable for people who are weak after illness.

1. Generally, eat spicy and greasy foods during bird’s nest. Because bird’s nest contains a lot of protein, so when eating bird’s nest, you should also eat less acidic things, at least avoid eating at the same time.

2. Don’t smoke or smoke less when eating bird’s nest, and avoid second-hand smoke.

3. When taking other medicines, whether it is Chinese or Western medicine, you can eat bird’s nest during the period, but you should avoid eating them at the same time, which usually takes an hour or two.

Top Ten Taboos for Bird’s Nest4. Avoid drinking tea while eating bird’s nest, because the tea contains acid, which will destroy the nutrition of bird’s nest, it is best to drink it for 1 hour.

5, eat bird’s nest pay attention to eating less frequent meals, keep eating regularly, 3-5 grams of dry bird’s nest each time, about 20-30 grams of instant bird’s nest each time, to be eaten on an empty stomach, once a day or every other day, after eating at night on an empty stomachit is good.

6. For friends who are allergic to taking aspirin, it is recommended not to eat bird’s nest.

7, newborns less than 4 months can not directly absorb the nutrition of bird’s nest, not suitable for eating bird’s nest.

It can be eaten after 4 months, and the stew for a little longer can increase physical fitness and appetite, and promote physical and intellectual growth and development.

8. It is not suitable for people to eat bird’s nest during a cold.

During the peak period of acute diseases and colds, most of the immune system function declines, and the functions of its own organs are hindered, especially the respiratory and digestive tracts.

If there are fever and other symptoms during the cold, it is best to suspend the supplements such as bird’s nest to avoid affecting the evacuation and elimination of the cold evil.

9, bird’s nest chemotherapy for the prevention of cancer and cancer patients, rehabilitation after radiotherapy can restore vitality, supplement nutrition, improve the food effect of immunity.

However, it is not helpful for people who claim to be fighting and fighting for the treatment or advanced cancer, so it is not suitable to eat bird’s nest.

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