Focus on Chongyang Health, these 8 tips you must watch!

Focus on Chongyang Health, these 8 tips you must watch!

Being a stranger in a foreign land, it is a traditional festival of China during the festive season of the first lunar month of September 9th.

In the Book of Changes, “Nine” is set as a positive number. On September 9th, two or nine are heavy, so “Chongyang”; because the day and the moon are both nine, it is also called “heavy nine.”

The ancients believed that Chongyang was an auspicious day worth celebrating.

Ancient folks have the custom of ascending and praying in the Double Ninth Festival. Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival generally includes activities such as ascending, sun-bathing, and chrysanthemum. Since its inception, it has added connotations such as respect for the elderly. The “nine” is the largest number in the number, and has longevity.The meaning is based on people’s blessings for the longevity of the elderly.

Every year before and after the Double Ninth Festival, people who are children will consider what gifts to buy for their parents and how to express their filial piety.

Whether it is to buy gifts for the elderly, or to book a birthday banquet, the family will accompany the elderly to have a Good Ninth Festival, which is worthy of recognition.

However, more important than a gift is companionship, or the best gift is companionship.

I have to go home to spend time with my parents, understand the daily habits of my parents, and share their daily health knowledge with them. They will be very happy.

Today, Shi Anjun will take you to understand the 8 points of care for the Chongyang Festival, let us do homework in advance, for parents and for themselves!

1, eat Chongyang cake, we must be scrupulous. The annual Chongyang Festival is a festival for the elderly. The children of filial piety will always buy a few pieces of Chongyang cake for the elderly.

However, as more and more geriatric diseases are entangled in our elders, eating crimson cakes should be scrupulous.

As a kind of snack, Chongyang cake should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

Chongyang cake is a kind of food with high blood sugar, high feces and low protein. After eating on an empty stomach, it will cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, causing pantothenic acid and even heartburn. Especially for patients with stomach diseases, it is easier to induce the disease.

In the process of making Chongyang cake, in order to make the cake sweet and delicious, usually the ingredients of sugar and even lard, and the commonly used material glutinous rice, is not easy to digest food, so many people are not suitable for eating heavy cake.

2, the diet is light, prevent the autumn dry before and after the double-yang festival, autumn dryness is obvious.

Due to the influence of “autumn dryness”, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, bronchial discomfort, rhinitis, etc. are particularly prone to fall, which is easier for elderly people with low immunity.

To cope with autumn dryness, you can use some methods suitable for your own to moisten, some use stone soup.

Prevention of autumn dryness should be based on light diet, eat less greasy, sweet, spicy products, eat more coarse grains and vitamins, mineral foods, and exercise properly to promote blood circulation.

Anti-autumn dry, in addition to drinking more water, light tea, soy milk, milk and other drinks, you should also eat more sweet potatoes, corn, greens, persimmons, honey, black fungus, white fungus, lily, banana, olive, grape, pear, pearAnd walnuts, sesame seeds, red dates and other soft products.

3, go to bed early and get up early, appropriate nap “Yellow Emperor.


In the “Four temperament theory” said: “Autumn March, early morning and early morning, and chickens.

First of all, autumn health should be early and early morning.

Early lying, in order to conform to the collection of Yin essence, to raise the gas; get up early, in order to adapt to the yang’s long, so that the lungs can stretch.

If the fall is properly early, the chance of thrombosis can be reduced or replaced, which has a certain significance in preventing the onset of cerebral thrombosis.

In addition to improving the quality of nighttime sleep, there is also a proper nap to supplement.

A nap can soothe the cardiovascular system and reduce body tension.

Autumn is still long and short, people often go to bed early and get up early, nap can make the brain and body system rest, can also effectively help people maintain psychological balance and prevent myocardial infarction.

According to the survey, a nap for half an hour every day can reduce the possibility of coronary heart disease by 30%.

4, less bathing, less use of alkaline shower gel after the fall, the number of baths can be reduced.

Relatively speaking, because the temperature is not so high, and sweating, there are not so many, so it is necessary to wash so many baths.

Also, in the fall, if you take too much bathing, you will also remove a layer of oil from the body surface by bathing, which will also damage the oil and water balance of your skin.

When you take a shower in the fall, remember that if you choose a body lotion, you should choose those that are too alkaline. If you choose an alkaline that is too large, the acid-base balance of your skin will be destroyed.It is not conducive to the process of self-growth of your skin. If it is not damaged, it will also cause skin infection in the dry weather in autumn.

If possible, it is best to choose a neutral bath to wash.

Also, take a shower in the fall, and remember that if you can have conditions, you can apply a thicker skin care product to your skin after taking a bath.

In this way, one can prevent the skin from acting, and the other is to lock the moisture in the fall into your skin, not as fast as dry.

5, hot water soaked feet, better than tonic traditional folk proverbs also have “everyday wash your feet, better than taking medicine”.

Because the foot bath can promote blood circulation, the foot has the second heart of the human body, the foot is farthest from the heart of the human body, and the burden is the heaviest. Therefore, this place is the easiest blood circulation, so the classical medicine records that “the human foot has, Utah.It seems that there is a root in the tree, the roots of the tree are exhausted, and the old feet are weak first. Especially those who often feel cold hands and feet, foot bath is an excellent health care method.The water temperature of the foot bath should not be too high.

Many people think that as long as they are within their own tolerance, the water temperature is naturally better than that, but it is not.

The best water temperature for the foot bath is below 50 °C. It is required to be hot and not hot. Feel the water temperature without measuring it by hand. It is best to feel it with your feet.

It is best to use a wooden barrel or an enamel basin that penetrates deeper and has a bottom area that fits comfortably in the feet, and it is best to let the water soak until it reaches the calf.

You can’t sleep right after you soak your feet.

When you are rubbing your feet, rub your feet and put on your socks to keep warm. After the heat is slowly lowered, the best effect is to fall asleep.

6, pay attention to keep warm, timely add clothes before and after the Double Ninth Festival, the temperature difference varies greatly during the day, often with cold air invading, and makes a sharp dip.

Friends should pay attention to timely add clothes to keep warm, enhance physical fitness, and prevent colds from happening.

Whether or not to add clothes should be decided according to the changes in the weather, but it should not be added too much, and it is not cold.

As the saying goes: “Going out to prevent three or nine months”, “If you want to be comfortable, diligent and diligent”, you should prepare a few more autumn clothes, so as to increase or decrease as appropriate, with the increase and decrease.

During the transition period in autumn and winter, you should always pay attention to cold and warm when you go out, and you should always catch cold and cold at home.

For example, you can wash your face with cold water to strengthen the body’s ability to resist cold; dilute the sun to be precipitated and let the ultraviolet rays sterilize; drink more heat to promote metabolism; eat more cold food to heat.

7, eat less “cold and cool” fruit autumn yang gradually converges gradually by the ascending and floating, physiological function tends to calm, yang gradually declines, the climate gradually turns cold.

At this time, you should pay attention to eating seasonal fruits. As the saying goes, “Autumn melon is bad belly”, this time the season is cool, and eating too much fruit can easily damage the stomach.

Recently, the temperature has gradually turned cold, and the appetite of many people will increase greatly, and the intake of fruits will also increase.

However, the extra fruits in autumn are relatively cold. Pay more attention when eating, and it is more suitable to replace them with your own body.

For example, cold fruits include citrus, bananas, pears, persimmons, and watermelons.

Warm fruits include jujube, peach, apricot, longan, lychee, grape, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple, etc.

Ganping fruits include plum, plum, hawthorn, apple and so on.

People with weak constitution, pale face, cold body and cold, should choose warm fruits, but pay attention to the introduction of cold and cool fruits.

8, reasonable exercise, nourish the lungs “a cold autumn rain”, autumn wind chill, the weather is getting cold, if you insist on appropriate physical exercise, Chinese medicine can only regulate the lungs, improve the function of the lung organs, and is conducive toEnhances the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body’s resistance to external cold stimuli.

But sports also have places to pay attention to.

Collect a few key points for sports health care in the autumn, and hope that everyone will be “moving” healthy and “moving” safely.

In the early morning of autumn, the temperature is low, and you should not wear a single coat to go outdoors.

It is not advisable to take off too much during exercise. You should take off too much clothes after the body is hot. Do not wear sweaty clothes to stay in the cold wind after exercise to prevent cold.

Autumn is a good season for exercise, but at this time, because the human yin yang is in a convergent internal stage, the movement should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, in order to prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.Exercise should choose a project that is easy and gentle, and has a small amount of activity.

Interesting food, let us start from the diet, the first step in quality life!

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