Very food: five weapons for fattening

Very food: five weapons for fattening

When it comes to weight loss, you must follow diet control.

However, do you have such doubts?

Why don’t I eat too much, but I still can’t lose weight?

It may be because you inadvertently ingested extra calories, so you accidentally eat something because of your habits every day, is the fatal killer of your body.

  First place: Chocolate biscuits eat 6 tablets a day, convert 302cal, fatten 14kg a year, every afternoon tea time, if you feel hungry, come to chocolate chip cookies.

Although the book on weight loss says that celery and carrot sticks should be used instead of snacks, these vegetables and fruits are healthy but have no taste, so take a few pieces of your favorite chocolate biscuits to fill your hunger.

But do you know what’s in the chocolate chip cookie?

The answer is: a lot of sugar and a lot of oil.

If you use chocolate biscuits every day to satisfy the desire of your mouth, it will take only half a year to get 7 kilograms. If you continue this year, 14 kilograms of meat will move with you.

Behind the delicious is the trap of high migration waiting for you, and the high-oil and high-sugar foods will age easily.

  Suggestion: If you want to get antioxidant effects, with the addition of polyphenols from chocolate, it is better to drink a little low-conversion green tea.

  Second place: The chocolate bar eats one every day, transforms about 280cal, and gains 13 kilograms a year. If you don’t have time to eat a meal, it’s more than a real chocolate bar. Is it a small snack for you?

If you really use a chocolate bar to fill your hunger, don’t make up for a full meal later.

Because the moment of a chocolate bar is equivalent to half the meal.

If you can’t get rid of the rich chocolate and the rich taste of the caramel and peanuts in your life, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the number on the scale, and eat such high-quality snacks every day.difficult.

In addition, the high sugar content contained in the chocolate bar is still an accomplice to oxidation and will accelerate your aging.

  Suggestion: If you can’t stop eating a chocolate bar every day, it’s best to find time to jog for half an hour every day to balance the small chocolate bar.

  Third place: Canned juice drink a can of 500ml a day, converted 255cal, 12 kg a year fat know that vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but are too lazy to eat fruit.

Since you haven’t eaten fruit, use juice instead.

However, the use of fruit juice instead of fruit does not allow for the intake of sufficient minerals and vitamins. This is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost in the process of fruit juice formation.

The only remaining vitamin C is also reduced by the light factor.

If you look carefully at the signs on the canned juice, you can see that most of the juice is concentrated and reduced, and a lot of sugar is added.

So, if you think that drinking juice is more nutritious and comes in a can every day, the high sugar in the juice will cause you to add 12 kilograms of weight after one year.

  Suggestion: For the sake of body and health, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is definitely the only rule to maintain the body.

  Fourth place: Ordinary cola drinks a can of 375 ml a day, converts 168cal, and gains 8 kilograms a year. Coke is the most popular drink for everyone. When you eat hamburger fries, of course, you have to have cola. When everyone gathers to share the delicious pizza.It is also the taste of pizza with cola.

However, even if they don’t match food, many people develop the habit of drinking a cola a day.

This is because of the caffeine and special formula of Coke, which is easy to addictive.

Although there are already low-caliber colas on the market, there are still many people who cannot adapt to the special taste of sugar substitutes.

If you can’t have a cola without a day, it’s best to do a little more exercise to consume the extra tracks.

Because one can a day, you can get 8 kg fat after one year.

Even more frightening is that the cola you drink will not only make you feel full, but the heavy taste of Coke will also allow you to eat more food.

Not just cola, other sodas, SARS, etc. are also less to drink.

  Suggestion: If you really can’t give up cola, it’s best to use a low-calorie cola.

  Fifth place: Beer drinks a can of 375 ml a day, converts 147cal, a year of fat 7 kg friends to gather together or when singing, beer is indispensable to help the role.

However, only one can of beer a day will be exchanged for 7 kilograms a year later.

This is why beer has the name of liquid bread, and people who drink beer often get a heavy beer belly.

In addition to impurities, the beer contains almost no nutrients, so it does not help you in addition to getting fat.

If you want to taste the beer’s wheat aroma, it’s best to try it out, don’t get into the habit of drinking beer every day, and don’t drink beer before going to bed. Because beer has a diuretic effect, drinking before going to bed will cause a lot of water.Accumulation in the body can also cause frequent urination at night.  Recommendation: Use beer to enter the dish.

By heating the beer, most of the alcohol is evaporated, which not only adds an alternative fragrance, but also avoids the high calorie burden of alcohol.

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