[Can pregnant women eat small cantaloupe]_small cantaloupe_pregnancy_benefit

[Can pregnant women eat small cantaloupe]_small cantaloupe_pregnancy_benefit

Of course, small melon is a fruit that many people prefer to eat. The flesh taste is cold and non-toxic, and it has a good heat-clearing and diuretic effect. Pregnant women can eat melon, and it can also be used to relieve heat and relieve heat and quench thirst. It can effectively supplement the human body.The nutrients you need.

First, can pregnant women eat melon.

It is good for pregnant women to eat fruit, but eat it in moderation.

Melon pulp, sweet, cold and non-toxic, clearing heat and diuretic, quenching thirst, can cure heat, fever, heat stroke, thirst, unfavorable urination, sore nose and nose.

Cantaloupe can be eaten all year round and is a popular melon fruit.

Second, the benefits of eating melon in pregnant women1.

Melon contains a lot of carbohydrates and citric acid, etc., and has plenty of water, which can relieve heat and refresh heat, refreshing and quenching thirst, and removing annoyance; 2.

2. Invertase in cantaloupe can convert insoluble protein into soluble protein, which can help kidney patients absorb nutrients; 3.

Cucurbitin B in cantaloupe can protect the liver and reduce chronic liver damage; 4.

Modern research has found that melon seeds have the function of killing tapeworms and filamentous worms; 5.

Muskmelon is rich in nutrition and can supplement the energy and nutrients needed by the human body.

Third, pregnant women eat muskmelon food phase 1, muskmelon can not eat with bitter gourd and watermelon, frail people will have diarrhea.

2. Cantaloupe can’t be eaten with cold summer drink, because it is also cold food. If you eat it, it is bad for the body and the frail person will have diarrhea.

3, melon should not be eaten with Dabu medicinal diet or one after the other, it will affect the efficacy of medicated diet.

4, Melon is not suitable to eat with durian, each other, grams, eat together can not achieve their respective effects.

5. Cantaloupe can’t be eaten with Coptis chinensis or drugs with the same effect. Serious diarrhea will occur if you eat it.

6, muskmelon should not be eaten with Tianluo, crab and other seafood.

7, Melon should not eat with greasy food.

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