Longevity emperor Qianlong health secret

Longevity emperor Qianlong health secret

Qianlong is the longevity champion of the emperors of all ages. At the age of 89, his longevity is due to various reasons.

  Although Qianlong is a Manchu, he has accepted Han culture in its entirety and is good at following the theory of Han culture to maintain health.

According to the theory of ancient Chinese medicine, he set up a 16-character health for himself: “Tunnel dirty, active bones, ten often four, timely tonic”, and follow this, do not relax, often do dental caries, throatJin, ear, nose, eye, face, foot, stomach, levator anal and other health exercises.

I usually concentrate on eating when I eat, and I concentrate on sleeping when I sleep.

Although drinking, but not enough, for the female color is not too fascinated.

  He is also good at replacing some targeted tonics according to the needs of the body and changing the seasonal climate, such as Bazhen cake (composed of 8 kinds of medicines and foods such as glutinous rice, lotus seeds, medlar, lentils, glutinous rice and glutinous rice).), he began to serve from about 40 years of Qianlong, and often took it in his 80s.

These seemingly small things have restored his energy and kept his health.

  Qianlong has been riding and shooting since childhood. He has shown his talents in several royal archery competitions in the Summer Resort.

After the emperor, he was more interested in riding a shot.

Until he was 80 years old, he went to the market to borrow.

Horseback archery, a large amount of activity, is a good way to exercise.

  Qianlong is versatile and peaceful, which gives him more time to go to the wind and the moon.

He is a prolific poet in Chinese history and a connoisseur of painting and calligraphy. The celebrity paintings collected by the Qing court are all covered with the “Palace of the Emperor Qianlong”.

This is not only his great hobby, but also a way of his health. When his dance is inked, his whole physiology is combined, so that his not much troubles are gone.

I am happy, so I can live longer.

  Qianlong likes to travel, and folks everywhere circulate the story of his seven Jiangnan.

In fact, he has been in the south of the Yangtze River, five on five, three to Mount Taishan.

Among them, Ding Chou went down to Jiangnan in the 22nd year. He started in the first month and went all the way to play until September.

The emperor who has lived in the deep palace for a long time has the opportunity to go to nature, go to the folks, take a breath of fresh air, experience another life, not be tired of business, get a rest, which may be big for his mood and health.beneficial.

  Qianlong traveled for a long time outside, enjoying his life and joy, and his particularity, because he is an emperor, the average person is incomparable.

However, tourism can be a strong body and is well known. This is indeed a good health.

  Qianlong is good at reading, good poetry.

It is said that he has written more than 1,300 articles in his life and wrote more than 40,000 poems (natural, many of which were drafted by his ministers).

Qianlong hi calligraphy, written in a good hand, its words are round and beautiful, very good.

Every time I go, I need a pen to pay attention.

The ten scenes of the West Lake are the monuments that he personally wrote.

These hobbies are of great benefit to Qianlong’s brain, physical strength and nourishment.

  Qianlong’s daily diet is very regular.

He got up at about 6 o’clock and used morning meals after washing.

In the morning, I will handle government affairs, discuss matters with the ministers, and take a rest in the afternoon.

After dinner, read a book, write a poem, and then go to bed.

His intake is dominated by fresh vegetables, less meat, and never too full.

Qianlong never smokes, but likes to drink tea.

He is very particular about carbonic acid, using Xishan spring water as the royal water.

  Qianlong also pays attention to tonic, but it is appropriate at the right time, and does not make up for it.

The “song-age wine” used, the “guiling age set” and the like, are mainly made up of the main Chinese herbal medicines that make up the spleen and kidney and benefit the qi and blood.

This is also in line with medical principles.

Kidney ton can nourish the innate, spleen can be strong after the day, the kidney is strong, the spleen and stomach are healthy, the blood is full, and the body is naturally strong.  In his later years, Qianlong had met the British messenger Majerni, and described Qianlong: “When you look at the god of Feng, the age of 83 is like a 60-year-old person, and his spirit is paralyzed.

“The health of the visible body can be seen.

  When he was 86 years old, he gave way to the child, and when he was too up to the emperor, he enjoyed his old age.

At the age of 89, the Emperor Qianlong died of illness.

  Because Qianlong has a healthy life, he has been physically strong in his life, and he is still conscious and free to move around 90 years old.

Sometimes I asked the political affairs as the emperor.

Really worthy of being a healthy old birthday star.

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