Summer heat summer tricks

Summer heat summer tricks

In the hot summer, the high temperature is difficult to stop. Almost all households do not open the fan to blow the cool, or open the air conditioner to cool off the heat, but the air conditioner and the electric fan bring coolness to the people, but also bring a lot of disadvantages to human health.

  The ancients did not have air conditioners or electric fans, but they had a more physiological and health-saving way to cool down.

“Nei Jing” has a cloud “nights get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Huaying into a show, so that the gas is vented, this summer should be the way to raise the long.”

Here are some of the ancient wisdoms that we can learn from today’s summer summer vacations, and hope to bring you some practical advice for a comfortable and healthy summer.

  Summer health is more important than spiritual adjustment. Summer health is more important than spiritual adjustment. Maintain a happy and stable mood. Don’t be overjoyed, so as not to help the heat and the fire.

The heart is quiet and self-cooling, which can achieve the purpose of raising the purpose.

  Everything in the heavens and the earth has a pattern of movement and change of “spring, summer, autumn, winter”.

People should “should be smooth in time” to achieve “harmony between man and nature.”

  In the summer diet, in order to raise the heart, from the perspective of the five elements, the summer is a fire, corresponding to the five internal organs, the heart is a fire.

In the old saying, “the heart is calm and natural,” so the summer is really cool, and the focus is on raising the heart.

  And the best to eat some red food or bitter food, a little jujube, lotus seeds, lily, etc., you can raise the role of peace of mind.

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