Rough toilet paper bacteria selection 4 principles

Rough toilet paper bacteria selection 4 principles

Recently, the spot check issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that 50 of the 588 toilet paper products across the country did not meet the standards.

About 10% of the unqualified paper products, most of which are bacteria exceeding the standard, excessive fluorescent bleach or insufficient softness.

According to the report, excessive use of fluorescent bleach can cause cancer, and excessive bacteria can cause infection.

  Toilet paper and napkins are important partners in our lives. Paper products are unqualified, which increases the chances of getting sick from the mouth and the health of “export”.

So, how can we choose qualified toilet paper?

Dong Jinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association and environmental protection expert, told the Life Times reporter that consumers must choose large supermarkets and stores to buy well-known brands of toilet paper, which is guaranteed to a certain extent.

The following four principles should be observed when selecting specifically.


The seal is complete and the appearance is neat.

Packaging seals for qualified products should be complete and sturdy.

The paper should be clean, not rough, with obvious damage, hard blocks, grass gluten, pulp and other impurities and residual printing ink.

Otherwise, it is a product with excessive bacteria.


The information is complete.

The state stipulates that the packaging of qualified toilet paper should be printed with the name of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the grade of the product (superior products, first-class products, qualified products), the standard number, the health standard number and other information.


No dust.

Gently rub the toilet paper, the qualified product will not fall with dust.

If dust is removed, it means that the fluorescent bleach is used in excess.


The paper is soft.

Touching qualified toilet paper should feel soft and comfortable.

First of all, the cotton pulp raw material is the most comfortable, followed by the wood pulp, and again the wheat straw pulp.

  When you buy a qualified paper product, we must pay attention to some details of the use in order to be healthy.

  Don’t use toilet paper as a napkin.

Napkins are disposable, and toilet paper is made from recycled paper.

Use toilet paper as a napkin and may be infected with bacteria.

Especially when using a toilet paper to wipe the mouth, it will increase the chance of getting sick from the mouth.

He Lixian, director of the Institute of Respiratory Diseases at Fudan University, pointed out that it is possible to inhale dust, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacteria, etc., which are harmful to the body, which may irritate the respiratory tract, cause enteritis, typhoid, and abscess diseases, and may even carry hepatitis virus.

  Paper that has been in your pocket for a long time is not clean.

Too many people will put paper in their pockets for a long time, even with money. This kind of paper has a lot of bacteria. Even if it is used to wipe sweat, it may cause skin allergies, erythema, pimples and so on.

It can’t be used to rub the eyes, otherwise it will cause infection of the conjunctiva.

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