Let your hands and feet not be cold

Let your hands and feet not be cold

Cold feet are easy to get cancer?

When warming up, there is a trick to winter. Many people have cold hands and feet during the day, and they can’t warm up when they are dressed thicker. At night, the quilt is covered more than others, but the bed is cold and cold.

Throughout the winter, the hands are shrinking, the cold is constant, and the old disease is easy to repeat and aggravate.

  Maybe this is not a big problem, but if you have cold hands and feet all the time, you still feel tired and cold, you can’t afford the spirit, the lips are lighter, and your libido is diminished. You need to be vigilant.

This cold constitution is more likely to be invaded by “evil” and may be cancerous.

  There are four major causes of circulatory disorders in cold hands and feet.

The heart is weak and cannot supply blood to the distal parts of the body.




When the human blood vessels contract, the blood returning ability will be weakened, and it is necessary that the blood circulation of the hands and feet, especially the fingertips, is poor.

  Insufficient yang, resulting in cold liver, liver hematopoietic function is affected, resulting in kidney yang deficiency, limbs cold, hands and feet red or white, and even the feeling of pain.

  Hormone changes caused by menstruation and growth lead to subcutaneous vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow, which causes cold syndrome.

Therefore, in the population with symptoms of cold hands and feet, women account for the majority.

  Disease factors include Raynaud’s disease and Raynaud’s phenomenon, multiple arteritis, and thromboangiitis obliterans.

  Long-term cold hands and feet, vigilant cancer, long-term cold hands and feet are cold physique, which is yang physique.

The occurrence of tumors is closely related to the body’s righteousness. The long-term spleen and stomach are weak, and those who are lack of righteousness are more likely to be violated by “evil” and may become cancerous.

As the saying goes, “the spleen and stomach are weak, and there is a lot of accumulation.”

Those abnormally normal physiques are like hotbeds of tumors. The longer the time, the risk of “cultivating” tumors.

Therefore, people with symptoms of yang deficiency and cold limbs should go to the doctor as soon as possible. In particular, early signs of cancer such as hemoptysis and melena should be treated promptly.

  A multi-pronged approach allows you to warm up and keep warm and beautiful.

Pay special attention to the warmth of the legs and feet so that the whole body feels warm.

Don’t wear too tight clothes, because too tight clothes can interfere with blood circulation.

It is best to use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed.

  Exercise early in the morning to do exercise, so that blood circulation and metabolism accelerate, all day will be full of vitality, not easy to chill.

Simply climbing stairs, jumping in place, etc. all enhance the ability to adjust body temperature.

  Eat some mutton, dog meat, etc. in the winter, warm tonic, appetizing and spleen; eat nuts, carrots and other warm foods, avoid eating cold food, ice or cold drinks; eat spicy foods such as peppers,Pepper, onion, mustard, etc. can promote blood circulation; sesame, peanut vitamin E and various nutrients can strengthen the nerve’s ability to fight cold; drink warm soup, such as jujube ginger brown sugar soup, ginger silk mutton, etc.To promote blood circulation, improve blood circulation, and make people feel warm.

In addition, American ginseng soaked water can be qi.

  Traditional Chinese medicine Shiquan Dabu Decoction, Bazhen Decoction, Siwu Decoction, Lizhong Decoction, etc. are usually suitable for people with debilitating constitution.

  Bathing in hot water with ginger or chamomile, cinnamon, rosemary and other essential oils, pepper bathing agents, etc., can promote blood circulation, so that the body warms up.

  Massage acupuncture points to ease the coldness of hands and feet, chilling springs: Yongquan points are located in the front of the foot, the second, third toe, the gap between the head end and the heel, the front of the line, quickly rubbing with the palm until there is a sense of heatIt is better.

Every morning and evening, each of the Yongquan points is 100 times, and then the toes are 100 times.

It is good for kidney and impotence, strong bones and strong bones.

Insist on this point will promote the relief of cold hands and feet.

  揉搓劳宫穴: The Laogong point is placed between the palm of the hand and the third metacarpal.

Make a fist in one hand and rub the palm of the other hand until you feel the palms are slightly hot, then change the other hand and alternate.

  According to the sputum spurting point: the qi rushing point is located in the inner side of the thigh root, slightly above the groin, when the umbilicus is 5 inches lower, 2 inches from the front centerline.

There is an artery under the hole.First press the sputum to rush the point, then press the iliac artery, one by one and press it alternately. It is better to press the squat to the hot and cold flow of the legs and feet.

  Tap the Shenshu point: The Shenshu point is located on both sides of the lumbar eye, and the second lumbar spine is opened next to the spine.

5 inches.

Gently apply force and tap each side more than 100 times.

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