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Tunnel shares (600820): Growth in investment income leads to better-than-expected performance improvement in 2019

Tunnel shares (600820): Growth in investment income leads to better-than-expected performance improvement in 2019

Tunnel shares (600820): Growth in investment income leads to better-than-expected performance improvement in 2019
2018 results are lower than expected 2018 results announced by Tunnel Shares: Realized revenue of 372.70,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.2%, net profit attributable to mother 19.8 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.3%; 18Q4 achieved revenue of 138.$ 1.9 billion, an increase of 19.4%, net profit attributable to mother 7.0 million yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.5%; due to reduced investment income, performance exceeded our expectations. In 2018, the company’s gross profit margin after excluding taxes was increased by 0.7ppt to 12.4%, mainly due to the increase in gross profit margin of design, operation, leasing and other businesses (among which, the improvement of leasing and other businesses was mainly driven by a low base);1ppt, mainly because the R & D expense rate is reduced by 0 every year.7ppt; investment income decreased by 39.9% to 8.200 million US dollars, mainly due to the disposal of long-term equity investment in the previous year formed a high base and BOT, BT project investment income decreased; net interest rate decreased by 0.4ppt to 5.3%; net operating cash inflow of 15.400 million US dollars, basically the same each year; net increase in investment cash increased by 23.500 million to 41.US $ 600 million, mainly due to a decrease in cash received from investment and disposal of subsidiaries and an increase in cash paid for investment. Development trend Construction profits are expected to improve.In 2018, the company’s engineering construction revenue grew at a rate of 18.2%, but the margin improvement rate affected by the increase in raw material costs; the number of new construction contract contracts decreased by 12.0%, of which subway and road orders are separated by 37.8%, 49.5%, mainly due to the high base and the release of new projects such as subway construction still take time; and the current construction orders 北京男士spa会所 in hand revenue coverage multiples of 2.8 times, still abundant.We expect that in 2019, urban rail and traditional infrastructure projects such as municipal and roads will accelerate and drive the company’s revenue to maintain a high growth rate. At the same time, the gross profit margin is also expected to improve, driving the margin of construction profits to improve. Investment returns are expected to pick up.In 2018, the company’s investment category business scale improved, and the investment income of BOT and BT projects decreased by 26.9%, mainly due to early repurchase of some projects and the overall transformation of the PPP industry.With the preliminary completion of the domestic PPP project warning, the PPP market is becoming more standardized, and the company has sufficient cash in hand. We expect the company to increase its PPP investment strength. Investment returns in 2019 are expected to stabilize and recover. Earnings forecast We maintain our 2019 / 20e attributable net profit forecast unchanged. Estimated and recommended company’s current price corresponds to October 19.We recommend 4x P / E. We maintain our recommendation. We have raised our target price by 30% to 9 due to the larger-than-expected easing in macro-liquidity and the upward adjustment of the industry’s estimated center.6 yuan, corresponding to 19 times 13 times P / E and 26% space. The construction progress of the risky urban rail was less than expected, and the investment business was less than expected.

Haiyin (000861): Steady business growth Financial business and period expenses dragged down 2018 results

Haiyin (000861): Steady business growth Financial business and period expenses dragged down 2018 results

Haiyin (000861): Steady business growth Financial business and period expenses dragged down 2018 results

2018 results are lower than expected Haiyin’s 2018 results: operating income 25.

0.7 billion, downgraded by 2 every year.

1%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.8 billion, down 40 a decade ago.

1%, net of non-attributed net profit1.

09 million yuan, down 44 years ago.

3%, corresponding profit 0.

05 yuan / share, lower than expected.

Among them, Q1-Q4 revenue increased by +28 each year.

6% / + 31.

0% / + 11.

5% /-38.

9%, net profit increased by +0 each year.

5% / + 22.

9% / + 15.

0% /-93.

9%, the financial business development was less than expected, the increase in expenses during the period and the accrual of long-term equity investment dragged down net profit.

Development trend 1. Business is growing steadily. Financial business has dragged down revenue for 18 years. Real estate business is expected to usher in the settlement period in 19 years.

Short-term downgrade of company revenue in 20182.

1%, of which the business sector / real estate / department store industry / financial sector / hotel revenue accounted for 40%.

0% / 30.

1% / 21.

5% / 6.

5% / 2.

0%, 2018 revenue growth in ten years2.

0% / 6.

3% /-1.

7% /-25.

4% / 6.


Specifically: 1) Commercial business: The company’s Haiyin Another City project has been steadily expanding in different locations. In 2019, Zhuhai, Shanghai and other projects will attract investment and operations, and it is expected to increase the operating area by 170,000 square meters. At the same time, in November 2018, it reached a cooperation with Shanghai SongjunThe agreement will be responsible for Huijin City in the form of brand and management output2.

The operation of 40,000 square meters of commercial investment is expected to continue a steady growth in business revenue in 2019; 2) Property business: Commercial and residential quarters in Sihui City and Shanghai Commercial City Commercial Housing have been approved for pre-sale in the second half of 20184.

10,000 pings, which brought an increase in revenue in 19 years; 3) Financial sector: The acquisition business was affected by the strengthening of financial supervision, and the maintenance fee income decreased significantly, but 成都桑拿网 the scale of small and micro loan business increased.

2. The expense ratio increased significantly, dragging down net profit.

The company’s gross profit margin increased by 0 in 2018.

01ppt as of 38.

55%, maintaining stability, but the net interest rate has been decreasing year by year due to the increase in expense ratios and the accrual of long-term equity investment losses3.

5ppt to 5.5%, of which sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratio doubled -1.

1ppt / + 1.

7ppt / + 0.

0ppt / + 3.

0ppt to 3.

7% / 11.

1% / 0.

4% / 9.

The 5% increase in financial expenses was due to the repayment of 17-year financing projects and the increase in interest rates on new loans.

3. Pay attention to the progress of the company’s real estate settlement in 2019 and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

1) Real estate development and settlement: As of the end of 18 years, the company’s main development projects have 126 construction areas to be developed.

80,000 square meters, of which 87 are residential.

7%, the progress of real estate project settlement affects the company’s performance; 2) Cost reduction and efficiency improvement: In 18 years, the company has strived to create an online platform for “Hainyin Life” to improve the accuracy of operations and at the same time promote staff optimization.

220,000 yuan in manpower and operating expenses, the expense rate is expected to usher in improvement.

The profit forecast is based on the intensified competition in the retail industry, and the 19 / 20E profit forecast is lowered by 18% / 16% to 0.


11 yuan / share.

Estimates and recommendations are currently expected to correspond to 27 / 24X P / E in 19/20, maintaining the recommended level.

Adjust target price by 5% to 3 according to profit forecast adjustment.

4 yuan, corresponding to 19/20 34 / 31X P / E, up 23%.

Risks Intensified competition in the retail department store industry; the downturn in the real estate market.

Shenzhen Airport (000089): Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area positioning hub builds modern large-scale airport due to multiple factors

Shenzhen Airport (000089): Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area positioning hub builds modern large-scale airport due to multiple factors

Shenzhen Airport (000089): Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area positioning hub builds modern large-scale airport due to multiple factors

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area plan specifies Shenzhen Airport.

On February 18, 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the “Outline of the Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, proposing to consolidate and enhance the Hong Kong international aviation hub system, strengthen the function of aviation management training centers, and enhance the competitiveness of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Airport international hubs.Enhance the functions of airports in Macau and Zhuhai, promote dislocation development and positive interaction in the Greater Bay Area, and build a world-class airport cluster.

In 2018, the five major airports in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an Airport, Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Macau Airport) had a total of more than 200 million passenger explosions, cargo and mail explosions exceeding 830 tons, and the transportation scale ranked the global bay.District Airport Group.

Long-term planning will increase the future capacity of Shenzhen Airport.

According to the Shenzhen Airport’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, it is clearly stated that the construction of the airport’s third runway, satellite hall and other projects will be accelerated. The target for passenger explosion in 2020 is 55.88 million, and the cargo and mail explosion will reach 120.

4 seconds, the aircraft took off and landed 40 times.

80,000 sorties.

At present, the Shenzhen Airport budget T3 adaptive reconstruction project and the expansion of the new satellite hall are planned to be completed by the end of 2021. The total investment is expected to be about 7.6 billion yuan.

Before the launch of the Satellite Hall in 2021重庆耍耍网, the company will not have other huge capital expansions, the depreciation and amortization will be basically stable, the company’s operating costs will be stable, and the growth of transferred passengers will increase.

International business is developing rapidly.

At present, Shenzhen Airport has 164 passenger traffic navigable cities, of which 45 are international (excluding regions) regular passenger navigable cities.

In 2018, Shenzhen Airport Expressway opened 15 new international passenger traffic cities, including London and Paris, 9 of which are intercontinental cities, and 12 international passenger routes have been encrypted.

International (including regional) passenger explosions reached 458.

40,000 person-times, an annual increase of 27.

4%, the proportion increased to 9.


The number of international passengers increased, and the number of newly opened intercontinental routes replaced the country’s number one. The number of international routes developed and the quality improved.

In 2018, Shenzhen Airport’s passenger and freight business performed well, with an original passenger flow of 4934.

90,000 person-times, an increase of 8 in ten years.

The growth rate is 2%, ranking first among the top ten airports in China; the advantage of freight development is obvious, and the annual cargo is bombed 121.

9 digits, ranking fourth in the country.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We expect the company’s operating income to be 39 in 2019-2021.

5.3 billion, 43.

4.9 billion, 48.

68 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.

8%, 10.

0%, 11.

9%; net profit attributable to parent company is 7.

8 billion, 8.

6.9 billion, 7.

56 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

7%, 11.

5%, -13.

0%; EPS are expected to be 0 respectively.

38 yuan, 0.

42 yuan, 0.

37 yuan, corresponding to 22 of the current sustainable PE.1x, 19.

8 times and 22.

8 times.

We propose to give the company an estimate of 25 times PE and the corresponding target price for 2019 is 9.

5 yuan.

The reasonable range expected by the company is expected.


0 yuan, the first coverage given an overweight rating.

risk warning.

The macro economy was less than expected, the development of international routes was less than expected, and regional competition pressure exceeded expectations.

Lianhua Science and Technology (002250): More than 30 years extension of the accumulated CMO leader set sail again

Lianhua Science and Technology (002250): More than 30 years extension of the accumulated CMO leader set sail again

Lianhua Science and Technology (002250): More than 30 years extension of the accumulated CMO leader set sail again
China’s leading manufacturer of fine chemicals, with advanced technology and core customer resources.  The company has been focusing on the fine chemical industry for more than 30 years. It is one of the few domestic pesticide and pharmaceutical CMO companies with obvious first-mover advantages and market competitiveness.Perfect, the company has a breakthrough in research and development capabilities, a comprehensive multi-level research and development platform, a complete response unit, and core technology to provide quality assurance and conversion flexibility for enterprise products.At the same time, the company adheres to the “big customer strategy”, and its customer base basically covers the international giants of agrochemicals and medicine.Against the background of the rebound of the industry, technological innovation has surpassed the strategic prospects of major customers and brought continuous benefits to Lianhua.  Pesticide sector: Xiangshui plant is expected to resume production, optimistic about the future potential of Yancheng United Chemical.According to Su Huazhi’s “Opinions on Regulating the Production Resumption of Chemical Enterprises to Suspend Production and Reform”, we adhere to the “one enterprise, one policy” and put an end to the “one-size-fits-all” policy. We expect that even the Xiangshui Park will cancel the positioning of the chemical park.Of 北京夜生活网 high-quality companies also have reservations after meeting the government’s high standards for resumption of production.Terrorism, Yancheng Lianhua declared a total of six projects, covering pesticide products and functional chemicals, with a total investment of more than 1.1 billion, with continuous release of production capacity in the later stage, and great development potential.According to the EIA and feasibility report calculations, the first five phases of the Yancheng Base project (including built projects, excluding bifenthrin projects) are fully operational and attempt to bring the company3.900 million net profit.  Pharmaceutical sector: Projects and land reserves are abundant, opening a new chapter in business development.Taizhou Lianhua reported a total of six phases of projects, and the profits mainly come from the 佛山桑拿网 three products of the first phase of the project and some of the products of the second and third phases.At present, the actual construction of Taizhou Lianhua only accounts for 50% of the total land area, and the reserve space is sufficient. The capacity of the project is gradually released in the future, and the performance can be expected to increase.In addition, the subsidiary Linhai Lianhua started the Linhai Industrial Park project. At present, the total investment is 9.The 800 million first-stage environmental assessment of nine intermediate product projects has been announced. The construction of the Linhai Industrial Park project will promote a new chapter in the company’s development.  It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019/20/21 will be 3 respectively.9/6.0/7.100 million, EPS is 0.42/0.65/0.77 yuan, corresponding PE is 33/21/18 times.The company is a leading domestic CMO company with strong R & D strength, customers are global industry giants, and gradually expand the scale of development space, covering the first time with a “buy” rating.  Risk Warning: The global agrochemical market is weaker than expected, new projects are progressing less than expected, environmental protection and production safety risks, and the resumption of production at the Xiangshui base is less than expected.

Lier Chemical (002258): The new glufosinate process will be put into operation soon, the company will reduce costs and consolidate its advantages

Lier Chemical (002258): The new glufosinate process will be put into operation soon, the company will reduce costs and consolidate its advantages

Lier Chemical (002258): The new glufosinate process will be put into operation soon, the company will reduce costs and consolidate its advantages

The company announced that the Guangan subsidiary’s glufosinate production line will be discontinued and merged to upgrade the process and merge with the intermediate methyl phosphorous dichloride (MDP) project.

The company expects that the shutdown will be 3 months.

  Comment on supply contraction, glufosinate price upward momentum strengthened.

The price of glufosinate has recently rebounded from 9 at the bottom.

5 million tons / ton increased to the current 11 million 南京桑拿网 tons / ton, mainly due to the industry’s second-largest company (capacity) and the important intermediate supplier Yitai Technology’s phased production suspension due to environmental reasons. We believe that the relevant issues remain to be resolvedDuring this period, the company can only run at low load.

Lier is the industry leader. The current production capacity of the Guang’an base is about 3,000 tons. We believe that this shutdown may exacerbate the problem of periodic supply substitution.

At the current price level, internal production companies in the industry are generally facing surpassing, and leading companies’ price expectations are slightly obvious.

  In addition, considering the current industry supply status and the demand for terminal light storage in 1Q20, we judge the price of glufosinate to bottom out and recover gradually.

  Process upgrade, Lier regained the cost advantage of glufosinate.

The company was once the industry leader in format law processes, costing more than its peers.

After the transformation of Qizhou’s oxidation process, the company was surpassed in stages.

The company’s new MDP project, using Bayer-like technology, is a more competitive production route in the industry.

The company now applies this technology to the Guang’an base, and plans to upgrade the Mianyangji real estate line in the future.

We expect the new 无锡桑拿网 process to increase the cost per ton by about 2 million compared to the existing process. Through this technology upgrade, the company will regain the cost advantage of glufosinate.

  MDP is initially released, and Mianyang will also reduce technological costs in the future.

The company plans MDP capacity1.

5In the early days, production capacity will gradually be released.

We expect that the company will reform the Guang’an technology and merge the line first and upgrade the Mianyang production line in the future to reduce the overall cost of the company.

  It is recommended to be optimistic about Lier Chemical’s high-quality growth attributes. The company’s performance will bottom out in 2020 and maintain the “Outperform Industry” rating.

From the perspective of product prices, glufosinate has limited downside and has growth momentum in the short term.

From the perspective of the company’s development, MDP will be put into production soon, and Hebisai Technology will be expanded and expanded. The company’s 2020 is worth looking forward to.

Due to the intensified competition of propoxyfluramine, the volume exceeded expectations, and the construction rate of fluconazole exceeded expectations. We lowered our net profit for 2019 and 2020 by 8% and 35% to 3.

1 and 3.

700 million.

The current cumulative corresponding 22 times 2019 P / E ratio and 18 2020 P / E ratio.

Maintain Outperform rating, considering the company’s growth expectations until 2021, maintain target price of 14.

2 yuan, corresponding to 24 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio and 20 2020 price-earnings ratio, 12% growth space.

  Risks: The production of Guang’an is lower than expected, the price of glufosinate is lower, and other environmental and safety risks.

Rough toilet paper bacteria selection 4 principles

Rough toilet paper bacteria selection 4 principles

Rough toilet paper bacteria selection 4 principles

Recently, the spot check issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine showed that 50 of the 588 toilet paper products across the country did not meet the standards.

About 10% of the unqualified paper products, most of which are bacteria exceeding the standard, excessive fluorescent bleach or insufficient softness.

According to the report, excessive use of fluorescent bleach can cause cancer, and excessive bacteria can cause infection.

  Toilet paper and napkins are important partners in our lives. Paper products are unqualified, which increases the chances of getting sick from the mouth and the health of “export”.

So, how can we choose qualified toilet paper?

Dong Jinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association and environmental protection expert, told the Life Times reporter that consumers must choose large supermarkets and stores to buy well-known brands of toilet paper, which is guaranteed to a certain extent.

The following four principles should be observed when selecting specifically.


The seal is complete and the appearance is neat.

Packaging seals for qualified products should be complete and sturdy.

The paper should be clean, not rough, with obvious damage, hard blocks, grass gluten, pulp and other impurities and residual printing ink.

Otherwise, it is a product with excessive bacteria.


The information is complete.

The state stipulates that the packaging of qualified toilet paper should be printed with the name of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, the grade of the product (superior products, first-class products, qualified products), the standard number, the health standard number and other information.


No dust.

Gently rub the toilet paper, the qualified product will not fall with dust.

If dust is removed, it means that the fluorescent bleach is used in excess.


The paper is soft.

Touching qualified toilet paper should feel soft and comfortable.

First of all, the cotton pulp raw material is the most comfortable, followed by the wood pulp, and again the wheat straw pulp.

  When you buy a qualified paper product, we must pay attention to some details of the use in order to be healthy.

  Don’t use toilet paper as a napkin.

Napkins are disposable, and toilet paper is made from recycled paper.

Use toilet paper as a napkin and may be infected with bacteria.

Especially when using a toilet paper to wipe the mouth, it will increase the chance of getting sick from the mouth.

He Lixian, director of the Institute of Respiratory Diseases at Fudan University, pointed out that it is possible to inhale dust, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacteria, etc., which are harmful to the body, which may irritate the respiratory tract, cause enteritis, typhoid, and abscess diseases, and may even carry hepatitis virus.

  Paper that has been in your pocket for a long time is not clean.

Too many people will put paper in their pockets for a long time, even with money. This kind of paper has a lot of bacteria. Even if it is used to wipe sweat, it may cause skin allergies, erythema, pimples and so on.

It can’t be used to rub the eyes, otherwise it will cause infection of the conjunctiva.

Abandoning tired people, sit-ups, 4 strokes, thinner, more effective

Abandoning tired people, sit-ups, 4 strokes, thinner, more effective

Abandoning tired people, sit-ups, 4 strokes, thinner, more effective

If you’ve been doing traditional sit-ups, and it’s almost too fast, let’s face it, it won’t do anything, because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles.

Fortunately, a fitness scientist at San Diego State University in the United States tested the most popular ten abdominal movements and concluded the most effective “excess meat killer.”

For best results, this exercise is done in three groups per day, and each group lasts for fifteen minutes.

  Scooter sports: Just ask you to lie on the floor and pretend that the pedals are imagining the bike.

The correct action is to press the floor down and back with your hands behind your head.

Point to the four fifteen-degree angle, do the brakes on both feet, step on the left foot to touch the right knee, then step on the right foot to touch the left knee.

  Knee-lifting: Find a chair with an armchair, sit on the edge of the chair, bend and bend, and place your feet flat on the ground.

Tightening the abdomen, the body leans back slightly and lifts your feet off the ground a few centimeters.

Maintain a stable movement, pull up and down to the sides, while the upper body front.

Then return your feet to their original position and repeat them.

  Arm sit-ups: lie down, knees, feet and hooks to the bed.

Use a towel to bypass the back side and pull one end of each hand.

Shrink the abdomen, lift the shoulders, slowly roll up the back, then slowly recline, and continue to get up when you almost reach the floor, repeating.

If you think it’s too difficult, just lift the upper body off the floor.

  Lifting the ball: Sit on your back, hold a tennis ball in your hand, raise your hands to the ceiling, straighten your legs and hook your feet.

Tighten the abdomen and chest muscles and lift your shoulders and head a few centimeters from the ground.

Make sure the ball is always rushing up to the roof, not forward.

  Your goal is to sweat.

The purpose of all aerobic exercise is to sweat.

If you don’t sweat, it means you are not working hard enough.

The more accurate your posture during exercise, the faster the sweat will be.

This may make you red like a tomato, but it is definitely good for your body, so try to do it.

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

Five daily routines to protect the immunity of the elderly

In the time when the temperature difference between day and night increases, the elderly are prone to colds, coughs, fatigue, repeated respiratory tract, digestive tract and urinary tract infections.

People always blame the bacteria and viruses. In fact, bacteria and viruses can only cause diseases in people with low resistance, fever and infection in some elderly people.

In addition, the elderly are prone to various chronic diseases and are also associated with reduced immunity.

  Eat more antioxidant foods The free radicals produced by the body can damage cells in the body and destroy the immune system.

Only antioxidant nutrients can be removed.

As we age, the body’s antioxidants are reduced and eventually unable to remove the accumulated free radicals.

When the body is full of free radicals, health will illuminate red.

  Antioxidant nutrients that have special significance for the elderly include vitamins E, C, β-carotene, copper, and selenium.

Older people can get from potatoes, green tea, citrus, broccoli, milk, fish, wheat, cherries, strawberries, watermelons, and tomatoes. These are natural antioxidant foods that are cheap and good.

  In general, the digestive function of the elderly is poor and the dietary supplement is reduced. It is recommended to supplement the multivitamin mineral supplements supplemented with antioxidant nutrients, such as good silver tablets, which are tailor-made for the elderly to meet the needs of the body.

  Balanced nutrition is the foundation of immunity.

First, ensure high quality protein, including animal foods and soy products.

Mainly increase the intake of fish, eat one egg a day, 250 ml of milk per day, high-cholesterol patients can use skim milk.

Many alternative soy products such as tofu, dried bean curd and vegetarian chicken supplement both high-quality protein and no increase in blood lipids.

  Basically, eat fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are rich in trace elements, vitamins and complementary fiber.

Vitamin C and β-carotene play an important role in maintaining the normal physiological functions of the body, and supplemental fibers can increase intestinal peristalsis and prevent or relieve constipation.

  In addition, to ensure the absorption of various inorganic salts and trace elements, calcium, iron, selenium and chromium are important minerals for the elderly.

  Keep your mood happy. The body’s immune organs, such as the thymus, spleen, lymph glands and bone marrow, are distributed with nerve fibers. All nerves are controlled by the brain. Brain activity directly affects the function of the immune system.

A positive and optimistic attitude helps to promote the growth of immune cells and stimulate the vitality of the immune system, thus gradually protecting the body’s role.

  Behavioral sciences that regulate bad behaviors and habits can be the cause and cause of a range of diseases, including cancer.

Negative life factors continue to act on the body for a long time, and excessive stimulation of the immune system will disrupt normal physiological functions and lead to decreased immunity.

Therefore, the elderly should develop good habits, live daily, work and rest, balanced diet, and refrain from bad habits.

  Proper exercise appropriate exercise can improve central nervous system function, heart nutrient and metabolic metabolism, promote systemic blood and body fluid circulation and metabolism, delay the aging of body tissues and the decline of immune system function.

Let your hands and feet not be cold

Let your hands and feet not be cold

Let your hands and feet not be cold

Cold feet are easy to get cancer?

When warming up, there is a trick to winter. Many people have cold hands and feet during the day, and they can’t warm up when they are dressed thicker. At night, the quilt is covered more than others, but the bed is cold and cold.

Throughout the winter, the hands are shrinking, the cold is constant, and the old disease is easy to repeat and aggravate.

  Maybe this is not a big problem, but if you have cold hands and feet all the time, you still feel tired and cold, you can’t afford the spirit, the lips are lighter, and your libido is diminished. You need to be vigilant.

This cold constitution is more likely to be invaded by “evil” and may be cancerous.

  There are four major causes of circulatory disorders in cold hands and feet.

The heart is weak and cannot supply blood to the distal parts of the body.




When the human blood vessels contract, the blood returning ability will be weakened, and it is necessary that the blood circulation of the hands and feet, especially the fingertips, is poor.

  Insufficient yang, resulting in cold liver, liver hematopoietic function is affected, resulting in kidney yang deficiency, limbs cold, hands and feet red or white, and even the feeling of pain.

  Hormone changes caused by menstruation and growth lead to subcutaneous vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow, which causes cold syndrome.

Therefore, in the population with symptoms of cold hands and feet, women account for the majority.

  Disease factors include Raynaud’s disease and Raynaud’s phenomenon, multiple arteritis, and thromboangiitis obliterans.

  Long-term cold hands and feet, vigilant cancer, long-term cold hands and feet are cold physique, which is yang physique.

The occurrence of tumors is closely related to the body’s righteousness. The long-term spleen and stomach are weak, and those who are lack of righteousness are more likely to be violated by “evil” and may become cancerous.

As the saying goes, “the spleen and stomach are weak, and there is a lot of accumulation.”

Those abnormally normal physiques are like hotbeds of tumors. The longer the time, the risk of “cultivating” tumors.

Therefore, people with symptoms of yang deficiency and cold limbs should go to the doctor as soon as possible. In particular, early signs of cancer such as hemoptysis and melena should be treated promptly.

  A multi-pronged approach allows you to warm up and keep warm and beautiful.

Pay special attention to the warmth of the legs and feet so that the whole body feels warm.

Don’t wear too tight clothes, because too tight clothes can interfere with blood circulation.

It is best to use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed.

  Exercise early in the morning to do exercise, so that blood circulation and metabolism accelerate, all day will be full of vitality, not easy to chill.

Simply climbing stairs, jumping in place, etc. all enhance the ability to adjust body temperature.

  Eat some mutton, dog meat, etc. in the winter, warm tonic, appetizing and spleen; eat nuts, carrots and other warm foods, avoid eating cold food, ice or cold drinks; eat spicy foods such as peppers,Pepper, onion, mustard, etc. can promote blood circulation; sesame, peanut vitamin E and various nutrients can strengthen the nerve’s ability to fight cold; drink warm soup, such as jujube ginger brown sugar soup, ginger silk mutton, etc.To promote blood circulation, improve blood circulation, and make people feel warm.

In addition, American ginseng soaked water can be qi.

  Traditional Chinese medicine Shiquan Dabu Decoction, Bazhen Decoction, Siwu Decoction, Lizhong Decoction, etc. are usually suitable for people with debilitating constitution.

  Bathing in hot water with ginger or chamomile, cinnamon, rosemary and other essential oils, pepper bathing agents, etc., can promote blood circulation, so that the body warms up.

  Massage acupuncture points to ease the coldness of hands and feet, chilling springs: Yongquan points are located in the front of the foot, the second, third toe, the gap between the head end and the heel, the front of the line, quickly rubbing with the palm until there is a sense of heatIt is better.

Every morning and evening, each of the Yongquan points is 100 times, and then the toes are 100 times.

It is good for kidney and impotence, strong bones and strong bones.

Insist on this point will promote the relief of cold hands and feet.

  揉搓劳宫穴: The Laogong point is placed between the palm of the hand and the third metacarpal.

Make a fist in one hand and rub the palm of the other hand until you feel the palms are slightly hot, then change the other hand and alternate.

  According to the sputum spurting point: the qi rushing point is located in the inner side of the thigh root, slightly above the groin, when the umbilicus is 5 inches lower, 2 inches from the front centerline.

There is an artery under the hole.First press the sputum to rush the point, then press the iliac artery, one by one and press it alternately. It is better to press the squat to the hot and cold flow of the legs and feet.

  Tap the Shenshu point: The Shenshu point is located on both sides of the lumbar eye, and the second lumbar spine is opened next to the spine.

5 inches.

Gently apply force and tap each side more than 100 times.

Summer heat summer tricks

Summer heat summer tricks

Summer heat summer tricks

In the hot summer, the high temperature is difficult to stop. Almost all households do not open the fan to blow the cool, or open the air conditioner to cool off the heat, but the air conditioner and the electric fan bring coolness to the people, but also bring a lot of disadvantages to human health.

  The ancients did not have air conditioners or electric fans, but they had a more physiological and health-saving way to cool down.

“Nei Jing” has a cloud “nights get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Huaying into a show, so that the gas is vented, this summer should be the way to raise the long.”

Here are some of the ancient wisdoms that we can learn from today’s summer summer vacations, and hope to bring you some practical advice for a comfortable and healthy summer.

  Summer health is more important than spiritual adjustment. Summer health is more important than spiritual adjustment. Maintain a happy and stable mood. Don’t be overjoyed, so as not to help the heat and the fire.

The heart is quiet and self-cooling, which can achieve the purpose of raising the purpose.

  Everything in the heavens and the earth has a pattern of movement and change of “spring, summer, autumn, winter”.

People should “should be smooth in time” to achieve “harmony between man and nature.”

  In the summer diet, in order to raise the heart, from the perspective of the five elements, the summer is a fire, corresponding to the five internal organs, the heart is a fire.

In the old saying, “the heart is calm and natural,” so the summer is really cool, and the focus is on raising the heart.

  And the best to eat some red food or bitter food, a little jujube, lotus seeds, lily, etc., you can raise the role of peace of mind.

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