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Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Comparing the preparation of home improvement to preparing for the battle is absolutely no problem.

If you have a sloppy decoration that doesn’t suit your own mind, just look at the current news on the market to cut corners, harm health, etc., let us be scared.

Therefore, the home decoration is sloppy, we are now step by step, step by step for the preparation of the renovation of your “planning.”

The following four methods can help you solve the decoration puzzle, and the blitz action can begin.

  The kits should be prepared for the decoration of the family. Generally, the preparation should be started about two months before the renovation. In the 30-60 day decoration period, the goods may be received at any time, and the supervisors of important projects may be prepared at any time.Waiting for unexpected situations, therefore, before the renovation, you must first allocate the waiting time of the following members, and it is better to establish a waiting list for friends or neighbors who can help yourself to cope with unexpected situations.

  It is a very professional thing to decorate and bluff the decoration for the decoration of the Internet. As a layman, it is absolutely impossible to cope with the big traps and organs in the market.

Therefore, it is very necessary that 2-3 months before the renovation should begin to make up for the knowledge of decoration.

You can first go to the name of the decoration forum of the website such as SouFun Decoration to learn about the construction procedures, what are the meanings of group nouns and so on.

In the age of the Internet, the information is extremely rich, and any knowledge on the Internet can be replaced.

  2.After registering and understanding some of the decoration knowledge, you can start asking questions from the masters in the jar.

Ask netizens, ask experts, ask manufacturers, no matter if you have any doubts about the decoration, as long as you have the opportunity, you should not hesitate to ask people who have experience in decoration.

In the end, there will definitely be a total of shallow.

Tip one, first ask the netizens, wait until the Hanjin promotion from the decoration door, and then ask the experts, otherwise they rarely reply.

Tip 2, start to work hard to fill the joke, wait for everyone to be familiar with each other, and then ask questions, the effect is excellent.

  3.Of course, the easiest way to do this now is to see some articles in the home class.

For example, our “preparation for home improvement is required.”

  Tips and abacus to avoid over budget If your renovation budget is 5 million, you will often find that after the renovation, your actual cost will rise to 60,000-7 million, so I suggest you start at the beginning.At that time, I prepared a little more than the actual budget and made a margin.

Additional costs that may arise during renovation include: telephone, food and beverage, handling, and rework.

Therefore, we must be fully prepared.

  The most important preparation is that after getting the room key, in addition to checking the house quality according to the purchase contract, the field trip before the renovation was done together.

Understand whether the house is constructed of a certain material, is a superior board, or a brick-concrete structure;
If you can get the detailed drawings of the house and want to change the layout of the room, you can first understand which wall in the room is non-bearing wall can be dismantled;
You should also have a preliminary plan for the new home, for example, the future function of each room.

Socket, network cable, TV signal line layout.

The approximate location of the furniture and appliances in the room;
Check out the home improvement pictures online, and define the decoration style you want according to your own house type and your own needs.

  It is a tough job to visit the building materials market in the preparation of the building materials. If you are the person who pursues perfection, this is often not solved by visiting a building materials market.

The first time you go to the market, mainly to check the brand, understand the product, and find the materials that meet your budget, you can go to the market with the following five questions: 1.
Some things involve the effect of decoration, saving money and the effect is the election;
Some of the use of decades is to spend a lot of money, but also must buy good;
Some well-known brands are inexpensive; 4.
In some markets, the lowest discount is most likely; the price of three to five items selected in two or three markets (including building materials supermarkets and home markets) can be compared and converted into;
Which is the nearest building materials supermarket, the furniture market.

  According to the construction sequence, the materials that need to be inspected and determined first are: water pipe materials, faucets, radiators, wires, audio cables, tiles, sanitary ware.

It should be noted that some building materials need to be booked in advance, and consumers are often required to pay a certain deposit to the merchant.

Tiles are around 100-200 yuan.
In the preparation stage, if you are looking for materials, it is best not to pay the deposit easily, or to agree that the deposit can be refunded, so as to avoid many extra losses.

  Reminders must-have gadgets with room decoration everywhere is the distance, area and price conversion, so before the renovation, you can prepare a small bag, prepare some necessary tools for decoration measurement and calculation.

  1.Ben and pen.

It is especially important when visiting the building materials market. Whether it is to record the decoration knowledge, the price of the product or the contact information of the manufacturer, the design of the home, the cost during the decoration, etc., can be carefully recorded and used for reference.

Of course, the best thing is to be able to record your own renovation progress and cost every day. This is the magic weapon to control the budget.


Holding the calculator, you are not afraid of profiters setting traps on the total price.

Remind everyone, after talking to the merchants about the price, be sure to use your own calculator to verify all the total prices. If the total price is calculated incorrectly, the unit price we worked hard to cut will be meaningless.
  3.tape measure.

Measuring the house, measuring the amount of furniture, measuring the amount of cabinets, measuring the floor, in short, during the decoration process, when can not be less.

What to do in the spring?

What to do in the spring?

What should I do in the spring?

“Spring sleep does not know, smelling ostrich everywhere.

In the beautiful season when flowers bloom, adults and children often feel sleepy, unable to lift their spirits, lazy, and even drowsy.

This phenomenon is called spring sleep.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring sleep is only a physiological phenomenon that the human body can not adapt to the changes of the season and the blood flow of the brain changes.

The human brain accounts for only 2% of the body’s weight, but the blood required accounts for 20% of the heart’s blood flow, and the oxygen consumption is 30% of the total body requirement.

In the cold winter, under the regulation of the central nervous system, the capillaries of the whole body skin contract, the blood flow is relatively reduced, and the sweat glands and pores are also closed to prevent excessive dispersion and to ensure sufficient cerebral blood flow.

By the time the spring is shining, the skin’s blood vessels gradually expand, and the sweat glands and pores are also open, and the blood flow to the skin increases.

However, at this time, the volume of blood in the human body increases, resulting in a relatively reduced blood supply to the brain, insufficient energy, and naturally feels dizzy and wants to sleep.

  Some people say that the spring sleepy people are in love with the bed.

However, to solve the spring storm, sleep more instead of the way.

Although the spring sleepy is not morbid, it is not conducive to the healthy coordination of the physical and mental state of the human body. It needs to be implanted and adjusted by various methods.

  Under normal circumstances, adults can sleep for about 8 hours a day, and then increase sleep may reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex, making it in a state of inhibition, people will become more drowsy, listless, the result is the more sleepsleepy.
Spring should not only be snoozing, but should reduce sleep.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics and the Four-In-One Theory” said: “Spring March, this is called Chen.

The world is good, everything is proud.

Get up early in the night and walk in the court.

The general idea is that everything in spring is born, nature is full of vitality, people should sleep earlier and get up earlier, go up and down, relax and relax, can make the mind and body draw power from the natural world, keep an angry.

  Therefore, experts suggest that the spring often open the door to open the window, so that the indoor air is smooth; increase outdoor activities, appropriately increase the physical exercise program that suits you, increase the exchanges between people; when you are sleepy, you can smell the wind and oil,Cool oil or floral, or sprinkle some toilet water, order a hygienic fragrance to repel the sleepiness and refresh the spirit, there will be a good solution.

  In addition, diet regulation also has a good effect of eliminating sleep. For example, if you eat less food for lunch, you can reduce the additional blood supply by supplementing the absorption and absorption burden of digestion, so as to ensure sufficient blood supply to the brain and thus improve the brain.Ability to work.

Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?

Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?


Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?

Do you know why people who usually drink beer have a “beer belly”, and people who drink wine always maintain a slim figure?

Why haven’t you heard of “whiskey belly” and “something wine belly” related to any other alcoholic beverage?

Is it really because the conversion of beer is particularly high and people gain weight, making people a big belly?

Oh, actually, no.

This has nothing to do with calories, because any alcoholic beverage contains virtually the same.

  People who love to drink beer have one thing in common: most of them are big belly, and the dark color is also obviously fat, showing typical feminine signs.

This points us to a clear path to find the answer: may be related to sex hormones?

Indeed, hops, like one of its close relatives, cannabis, are rich in “phytoestrogens,” a plant-active substance that has similar efficacy to estrogen.

  In fact, the relationship between beer – mainly hops – and sex, is not new knowledge in folk wisdom.

For example, in the past when the hand-picked hops were reduced, the harvest season has just arrived, and the women workers who have been picked have come to menstruation; young boys are advised that drinking hops of tea often eliminates masturbation because hops can suppress sexual desire;The mothers of the children were called to give them half a liter of beer or milk, and it was confirmed at the time that half a liter of beer could indeed double the amount of prolactin in the blood. As the name suggests, this hormone can stimulateThe secretion of milk.

However, these folk citations have not yet been recognized by the medical community.

  However, how can hormones bloated in the stomach and chest?

Can you still think of a cattle feed scandal that happened in previous years?

Yes, it involves estrogen and other chemical derivatives.

The metabolism of estrogen in the construction of muscle tissue is weaker than that of androgen, but it can increase the slightness, while the slight storage in the organ tissue makes the human or animal look full.

You should now understand why people who usually drink beer will have a “beer belly”!

  Those “bulls” who must receive estrogen feed, they get only a comfort: no problem, as long as you don’t eat, your stomach and small breasts will immediately go down – but the bulls will be willing to let themselves endure hungry

Just like you, have you given up the delicious, frothy beer?

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