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SDIC Power (600886): Thermal Power Assets Actively Reduces GDR Approval or Accelerates Overseas Expansion

SDIC Power (600886): Thermal Power Assets Actively Reduces GDR Approval or Accelerates Overseas Expansion

SDIC Power (600886): Thermal Power Assets Actively Reduces GDR Approval or Accelerates Overseas Expansion

Event Overview On October 30, 2019, the company released the third quarter of 2019 report: the company achieved operating income of 322 in the first three quarters of 2019.

46 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

47%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 43.

33 ppm, an increase of 20 per year.

51%; basic profit return is 0.

6034 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

89% analysis and judgment: the third quarter of the fastest growth rate of power generation, the average on-grid price of the company in the third quarter of the internal holding company gradually generated power 491.

6.3 billion degrees, an increase of 3 from the same period last year.


In terms of power types, the minimum growth rate of thermal power in the third quarter was 3 from the previous quarter.

72pct, 35 longer per year.

36 pct; the growth rate of hydropower was basically the same as the same period last year, with a slight increase of 0.

07%, the growth rate decreased by 5 compared with the previous quarter.

3 points.

In the third quarter, the average on-grid prices of hydropower and thermal power dropped by 8 respectively.

54% and 3.

41%, 杭州夜网论坛 resulting in the company’s single-quarter average on-grid tariff reduced to zero.

289, a decrease of 4.


Among the company’s main hydropower plants, Tongzilin, Guandi, Jinping Class I, Jinping Class II, SDIC Dachaoshan, SDIC Small Three Gorges and Baiyin Gorge all experienced declines in the average on-grid electricity prices in the third quarter.

Our judgment is mainly due to the increase in the proportion of market-oriented transactions and the easing of the supply side, which has led to the decline in electricity prices.

Under the combined effect of the forecast of the growth rate of power generation and the decline in electricity prices, the company’s third-quarter revenue was 126.

37 ppm, an increase of ten years.


Obviously, since the second quarter, the reduction of the tax rate has been reduced, 杭州桑拿网 to a certain extent, the company’s profit loss caused by the decline in electricity prices has been eliminated, and the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in the third quarter recorded 20.

5.7 billion, an increase of 1 every year.


  Thermal power assets are actively reducing, and the structure of the power generation end is optimized. According to the “Announcement on the Transfer of Shares of Certain Subsidiaries” issued by the company on October 9, 2019, the company intends to list and transfer 51% equity of SDIC Xuancheng held by SDIC55% equity, SDIC Yili 60% equity, Jingyuan Second Power 51.

22% equity, 35% equity of Huaibei Guoan, 45% equity of Zhangye Power Generation, the total listed price is not less than about 26.

6.5 billion.

The above thermal power projects are relatively weak assets in the company’s thermal power sector. According to the disclosure in the same announcement of the company, the proposed transfer of projects in the first half of 2019 will replace a total of zero.

5.5 billion.

Through listed transfers, we believe that the company is expected to increase funding flexibility and achieve asset optimization.

According to the company’s “Main Business Data Announcement for the Third Quarter of 2019” released on October 16, the company added 58 new and put into production this year.

40,000 kilowatts, hydropower / photovoltaic / wind power / waste power supplements are 1 respectively.


50,000 kilowatts, allowing the installation of clean energy, the company’s goal to increase the proportion of clean energy power generation is more clear.

  GDR issuance is approved, or overseas expansion companies are accelerated on October 29, 2019. Announcement on Issuing GDR and Listing on the London Stock Exchange and Obtaining China Securities Regulatory Commission’s AnnouncementThe registration document was approved and published by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the listing plan on the London Stock Exchange continued to move forward.At present, the company has completed the Afton onshore wind power project in the UK (50,000 kilowatts) in October 2018 and the waste power generation project in Bangkok, Thailand (0.

980,000 kilowatts).

If the company is successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange, we expect to further enhance the company’s international influence, while providing funding for overseas project expansion and supplementing the company’s operating funds to diversify operating risks.

  Investment suggestions The company’s asset-side adjustment is proactive, and its focus is continuously shifting to clean energy, in line with policy guidance and industry development trends.

GDR issuance is progressing smoothly, and overseas business expansion is accelerating.

We estimate that the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 will be 43.2 billion, 44.7 billion and 45.8 billion, with multiple growth rates of 5.

31%, 3.

50% and 2.

50%; net profit attributable to mothers is 51.

03 billion, 52.

8.3 billion and 54.

29 ppm, with annual growth rates of 16 each.

94%, 3.

52% and 2.

76%, the corresponding EPS is 0.

75, 0.

78, 0.

80 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 11 respectively.

24, 10.

85, 10.

56 times.

  From an estimation perspective, power generation companies use the PB estimation method, and the company’s latest BPS is 5.

32 yuan (October 30, 2019), the average PB value of comparable companies in the domestic A-share power industry is 2.

05 times, taking into account the company’s divestiture of small thermal power projects, retained profitability of large power plant projects, the quality of assets, the company’s industry average2.

05 times PB, the corresponding sustainable is 10.

91 yuan.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

  Risk prompts 1) The dry running water affects hydropower generation; 2) The efficiency of thermal power asset disposal is less than expected; 3) The on-grid electricity price trend declines; 4) Fuel price rises upward; 5) The electricity consumption growth rate is lower than expected; 6) The GDR issuance progress is less than expectedexpected.

A-share transaction breaks trillions: Is technology stocks starting to bring real money?

A-share transaction breaks trillions: Is technology stocks starting to bring real money?

A-share transaction breaks trillions: Is technology stocks starting to bring real money?

Original title: Shareholders are boiling!

A-share turnover exceeded one trillion yuan, but this time is different. Technology stocks bring real money. The big market has begun?

  Source: The transaction volume of the two markets today exceeded RMB 1 trillion per transaction, and the closing of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets reached 10385.

500 million, a new high in the past year!

However, this time is different from the one-day trillion-dollar turnover in the past growth. This time the financial sector no longer replaces the big heads, and technology stocks have become the leader.

  Today, the turnover of the two cities broke one trillion. Today, the number of hot stocks has been adjusted, and the GEM index dropped by 1 in late trading.

At 45%, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Indexes turned green in the afternoon, and the closing prices dropped by 0.

32% and 0.


  Regarding the sector, although some technologies such as corrosive glue have continued to be active, it is no longer a general increase. In the previous period, civil aviation and hotel stocks affected by the epidemic rebounded and rose. Precious metals, pork, chicken breeding, etc. all rose sharply.Rotation between the names is obvious.

  It is obvious that today the turnover of the two cities exceeded one trillion, and the final closing of the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets reached 10385.

500 million, a new high in the past year!

Among them, the Shanghai market was 381.3 billion and the Shenzhen market was 657.5 billion.

The Shenzhen market is much higher than the Shanghai index. From the perspective of the index’s rise and fall, February 19th this year, the difference between the rise and fall of different indices is also very large.

  The performance of each index this year (unit:%) is high in Shenzhen market turnover, which can also cut capital preferences.

GEM Index rose sharply 18.

98%, followed by the small and medium-sized board and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index, all realized the red disk; while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 all fell.

GEM outperformed the Shanghai 50 Index 23 in a month.

53%, which was not common in the past.

  This time the trillion-dollar turnover in the two cities with different trillions is the general rise of the two cities, which is often led by financial stocks. The financial sector led by bank stocks and brokerage stocks has “slammed” all the way.

  Recalling that on February 25 last year, in the afternoon, a general rise has been formed, and it is difficult to distinguish who has increased prices and who has increased less.

All stocks in the securities sector had their daily limit, the securities ETF (512880) was strongly closed, and the brokerage leader CITIC Securities had a turnover of 11.8 billion yuan.

  The first single-day trillion-dollar turnover in the history of A-shares was born on December 5, 2014, when the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets had a turnover of about 1.05 trillion yuan.

On the same day, it was also the collective daily 四川成都耍耍论坛 limit of the brokerage firm. The trading volume of CITIC Securities reached 27.8 billion yuan, and the heavyweight PetroChina rose 9%.

88%, the four major banks led the rise, of which the Construction Bank daily limit, the Shanghai stock index fluctuated on the same day, while small and medium-sized ventures have dived.

A few days later, on December 9, financial stocks fell on a large scale, with more than 200 daily limit in the two cities. The major indexes fell sharply, and the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets further increased to more than 1.2 trillion yuan.

  In the history of A-shares, the highest trading day for a single day was May 28, 2015, and the day’s transaction value was as high as 2,377.6 billion, and the number of trading days that exceeded 2 trillion was 5 days, which occurred at the end of May 2015 to the beginning of June.Then, on June 12, the Shanghai stock index peaked at 5178.

19 o’clock.

  This time?

Although the brokerage stocks also performed during the session today, the national gold securities took the lead in the daily limit, but the overall performance of the sector was not driven. The remaining banks, insurance and other stocks did not perform well.Stock-based.

However, today the brokerage firm outperformed the market. The continuous increase in turnover has always had a positive impact on the brokerage business of brokerage firms. After all, any bull market needs real gold and silver. The reaction is the surge in trading volume in the market.

  Technology stocks led the trillion-dollar transaction to close today. The top 10 stocks in the two cities’ turnover were Ningde Times, ZTE, BOE A, CITIC Securities, Sanan Optoelectronics, Hitech High-tech, Oriental Fortune, Lixun Precision, Huatian Technology.With Ganfeng Lithium, the single-day turnover exceeded 4 billion yuan.

  Except for CITIC Securities and Oriental Fortune, which are brokerage stocks, other technology stocks based on concepts such as new energy vehicles, 5G, and semiconductors. The once-familiar heavyweights have disappeared.

From the recent strength of the GEM and the downturn of the Shanghai Index, we can also trim it. Unlike the previous single-day trillion-dollar turnover during previous growth, this time the financial sector no longer replaces the big heads, and technology stocks have suddenly become the leader.

  At this stage, both the industry cycle and the regulatory policy cycle seem to be very similar to 2014-2015, so people can’t help but think of the “feast” of the then technology stocks.

  Soochow Securities said that the relaxation of refinancing and mergers and acquisitions is one of the core driving forces of the growth style.

Specifically, during the M & A relaxation period from 2014 to 2015, the growth style clearly outperformed the blue-chip style; during the M & A tightening period from 2016 to 2018, the blue-chip style significantly outperformed the leading style; since M & A restructuring and refinancing gradually progressed in 2019Since relaxing, the growth style has actually outperformed again.

The reason is that growth stocks represented by technological innovation can benefit more from the relaxation of M & A and restructuring, and then have significant excess returns in performance.  Ping An Securities believes that refinancing loosens open up the main space of technology. GEM is the most beneficiary sector, emerging technology industries are the most beneficiary industries, and midstream manufacturing is also relatively beneficial.

  The Huaxin Securities Strategy Report believes that many GEM listed companies are in an upward profit cycle. From the perspective of the announcement of the 2019 annual report results, the growth rate of GEM companies in the fourth quarter of 2019 has clearly increased, and the profit cycleThe upward trend continues.

Regarding the next stage of the market, the population concept is still maintained: “The A-shares have continued to strengthen in the recent stage and refused to adjust. This is precisely in the context of optimistic mid- and long-term market conditions, the continuous entry of various types of funds inside and outside the market, creating a good long-alternation”.
For investors, with the suggestion of maintaining human resources, the A-share market is expected to continue to be strong against the background that the Shanghai Index has not effectively fallen below the 5-day moving average. Although there may be day-to-day adjustment pressures after continuous breakthroughs, the A-share market hasStarted a structural trend market, and continued to focus on the medium and long-term strategic allocation of investors’ primary tasks, ignoring the short-term fluctuations of the index.

  Although the market turnover recently broke through continuously, some investors still have doubts: Today’s A-share turnover exceeds the trillion mark. Is this possible?

Does it mean that the market is too much?

  In this regard, CICC’s strategy team released a comment saying that after a short-term rapid repair, the market may extend a certain short-term increase in the short-term may need consolidation, and a short-term consolidation is possible.

However, in the medium term, market sentiment is recovering but not redundant. Some funds have been hotly subscribed by the expansion of institutional investor income in recent years, and the market investor structure may be further institutionalized.

  According to the historical data statistics of CICC’s strategy team, the recent 1 trillion single-day transactions, the corresponding single-day turnover rate is about 3.

About 2%, slightly higher than the historical average of 2.

The level of 4%, but the historical “danger zone” 5.

There is still a certain distance in the area of 5% or more turnover.

The resumption of market trading volume indicates that market sentiment has improved in the recent epidemic situation, and liquidity is relatively abundant. It is further repaired with the support of various policies.

However, based on a comprehensive estimation, from a cyclical point of view, the market may exceed the “danger zone” and the mid-line trend may remain positive.

In addition, the market is consolidating today, but northbound funds continue to have a net inflow of 6.4 billion yuan.

Long Mang Baili (002601): The fourth price increase during the year and the industry maintains a high boom

Long Mang Baili (002601): The fourth price increase during the year and the industry maintains a high boom

Long Mang Baili (002601): The fourth price increase during the year and the industry maintains a high boom
Event: The company issued an announcement. According to the domestic and foreign titanium dioxide market conditions, starting from September 3, the company’s model titanium dioxide (including sulfate titanium dioxide, chloride titanium dioxide) sales price based on the original price to various domestic customersAn increase of RMB 500 / ton and an increase of USD 50 / ton for various international customers. The fourth price increase during the year broke through the industry to maintain a high market boom.In early 2019, the company raised prices twice on February 13 and March 7, respectively, and gradually accepted them after the market.In the first half of the year, the market price of titanium dioxide has been running steadily. After 6 months, it has been dragged down by weak downstream demand and prices have trended.With the advent of the traditional consumption peak season, the company implemented the fourth price increase only one month after the price increase on August 3, and China Nuclear Titanium White followed suit.In addition to the reasons for the peak season of consumption, lower inventory levels in the downstream and the tightness of overseas titanium ore resources provided the price increase with persistence.Product price increases not only have a positive impact on the performance 重庆耍耍网 improvement of various companies within the industry, but also play a positive role in maintaining the high prosperity of the industry. 20 The annual trial production of the chlorination process is progressing smoothly.On May 21, the company’s 20-input / year chlorination method second-stage production line was launched in Jiaozuo. The first 10-input / year production line’s total system operating time and load repeatedly hit record highs. In the fourth quarter, it will significantly contribute to the increase of titanium dioxide and performance.Another production line is expected to start testing at the end of September, and the production is highly certain. Xinli Titanium Industry’s resumed production work is under intense and orderly progress.Xinli Titanium has only 6 concentrations / year of chlorinated titanium dioxide production capacity, 1 ton / year of sponge titanium production capacity and 8 ton / year of high titanium slag production capacity.The resumption work is progressing smoothly. Currently, high titanium slag has been resumed. Sponge titanium is expected to resume production at the end of September. Titanium dioxide is expected to resume production in November, which has become a new growth point for the company’s performance. Maintain “Buy” rating.It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent from 2019 to 2020 will be 25.52/35.52/43.180,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.26/1.75/2.13 yuan, PE 11/8/7 times, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk of falling titanium dioxide prices, the risk of new production capacity is less than expected.

Hengyuan Coal & Electricity (600971) First Coverage Report: Focus on the Group’s Quality Asset Injection

Hengyuan Coal & Electricity (600971) First Coverage Report: Focus on the Group’s Quality Asset Injection

Hengyuan Coal & Electricity (600971) First Coverage Report: Focus on the Group’s Quality Asset Injection

Guide to this report: Benefiting from the recovery in coal prices and a significant increase in profitability, the company’s operations will be more stable after the impact of de-capacity is eliminated.

In the long run, with the injection of the Group’s high-quality assets, a new journey for future growth may begin.

Investment points: first coverage, overweight rating.

The operation is becoming more and more stable, and the company’s future development looks forward to the injection of high-quality assets of the Group.

Forecast 2019 EPS EPS 0.



67 yuan, giving a 10x PE estimate for 2019 with a target price of 7.

68 yuan, increase the level.

2016-2018 earnings continued to pick up, and the level of denial declined significantly.

With the recovery of coal prices, the profitability of 2016-2018 continued to improve, reversing the replacement situation in 2015, the net profit returned to the mother level returned to one billion levels, and the yield fell to a ten-year low44.


At the same time, due to the withdrawal or adjustment of Liuqiao 青岛夜网 No. 1 Coal Mine, Wolong Lake Coal Mine, Qidong Coal Mine, etc., the provision for impairment was basically fully made, and the company’s financial situation improved significantly.

The impact of de-capacity has basically been eliminated, and the future production and sales volume will maintain the level of 1,000 tons.

Since the supply-side reform, the company’s coal mine capacity has been reduced or removed successively. In 2016, the company’s coal mine capacity was reduced by 160.And Wolong Lake Mine (90 seconds), the production capacity decreased by 10% / 17% / 8%, the output continued to decrease by 11% / 6% / 10%, and sales in 2017-18 decreased by 12% / 8%.

The current latest production capacity is 1095 / year, and the three-year supply-side reform to reduce production capacity is basically completed. It is expected that the company’s production and sales will maintain the level of 1,000 tons.

Long-term focus: focus on the Group’s injection of high-quality assets.

Hengyuan Coal and Electric Power has deep exploration rights in Liuqiao and Longwangmiao, plans to acquire deep exploration rights in Renlou Coal Mine, and the Group promises to inject Qidong deep exploration rights, western Wolong Lake exploration rights and other assets into the company. Coal reserves are abundant and long-term developmentWorry-free.

In addition, the company intends to acquire 100% equity of Suzhou Chuangyuan Power Generation and 6% equity of Huaibei Xinyuan Thermal Power to increase the profitability of coal-electricity integration and achieve more stable long-term growth.

risk warning.

Macroeconomic risks, coal prices fell sharply, and asset injections fell short of expectations.

Great Wall Motor (601633) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Long-term performance is basically flat F series brings new weather

Great Wall Motor (601633) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Long-term performance is basically flat F series brings new weather

Great Wall Motor (601633) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Long-term performance is basically flat F series brings new weather
Company dynamics The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved total operating income of 992.3 billion, down by 1 every year.92%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies52.07 北京夜网 billion, an annual increase of 3.58%. Matters comment Product preferences led to a decline in gross profit margin in the second half of the year, and the expense ratio improved during the period. The company’s car sales for 18 years were 104.370,000 units, a decrease of 1 from 17 years.63%, less than the overall industry decline.In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s increase in product preferences led to a decline in gross profit margin in the second half of the year, with a gross profit margin of 18Q413.56%. Previously, it was down 5 from the previous month.49 points and 0.09pct, one year gross margin fell by 1.74pct to 16.69%.In terms of period expenses, due to the capitalization of some R & D expenses and the increase in interest income from funds, the R & D expense ratio and financial expense ratio decreased by 1, respectively.57pct, 0.62pct, expenses 7 during each year.56%, a decrease of 1.84 points. After the launch of the M6 and F series, their sales performance was dazzling. In 19 years, they continued to contribute incremental sales of several new models of the Haval brand. Among them, the M6 was at 7 in sales.300,000 vehicles, an increase of 105.84%, and the F series launched in 18 years has become younger. Two new models, the F5 and F7, have gradually increased monthly sales since listing in the fourth quarter, and monthly sales at the end of the year exceeded 10,000, reaching sales of 2.340,000 vehicles, 1.710,000 units, to a certain extent, undermine the sales of old models.Since this year, the cumulative sales of the three aircraft have reached 1.710,000 vehicles, 0.720,000 vehicles, 2.570,000 vehicles, driving the Haval brand sales growth rate to 12.30% continued to contribute incrementally. Actively explore the new energy vehicle market. New models of the Euler brand have been listed in succession. In 2018, the company launched the first plug-in hybrid model P8, and launched the pure electric vehicle brand Euler. The first model of the Euler iQ was launched in September to transform salesIt reached 3,515 units. The second model, the R1, was launched at the end of the year.According to the company’s new car plan, this year the company will launch new energy new models such as WEY P8 GT and Euler R2 to further improve the new energy vehicle product lineup.Liang Automobile, a joint venture between the company and BMW, plans to produce BMW MINI and private-brand electric vehicles to enhance the company’s new energy business competitiveness. The investment proposal estimates that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company from 2019 to 2021 will be 58.3.7 billion, 63.5 billion, 68.5.4 billion, the corresponding EPS is 0.64 yuan, 0.70 yuan, 0.75 yuan, PE is 12 times, 11 times, 10 times, the first rating, give “overweight” rating. Risks indicate that car sales are less than expected risks; industry policies are less than expected risks.

Retired elderly psychological transition

Retired elderly psychological transition

Retired elderly psychological transition

Wang Bobo is 76 years old and retired from cadres.

I am healthy when I retire, but I can prevent colds because I feel less contact with people. I often stay at home and don’t want to move around.

Three months after retiring, Wang Bobo began to feel his legs weak and stubbornly believed that weakness in his legs was a sign of serious illness.

As a result, Wang Bobo became the hospital’s long-term illness, and gradually gradually increased to the extent that he needed someone to feed him, dress, and get on the bed.

  Old people who are retired, if they can’t adapt to a new life as soon as possible, passively stress, it is very likely that they will be surrounded by danger because of “psychological cold.”

Wang Bobo is a situation in which the retirement of “soft landing” failed.

  The retirement period of the elderly is at the maturity of the transition, and the juniors are no longer dependent on themselves as they used to.

This not only brings the family’s empty nest, but also the feeling of loneliness and loss.

Modern society is changing with each passing day. The speed of knowledge update of the elderly is no less than that of young people. The channels for obtaining information are relatively narrow. At the same time, the concept of “self-aging” is strengthened, and it is easy to feel that the body function is declining.

To face a new social environment, integrate new social interactions, and reposition the social roles that have long been used to, so retirement is also called another major turning point in people’s lives.

To truly achieve a safe “landing”, it will inevitably require a certain psychological preparation and adjustment time.

  In fact, retirement does not mean the end of a temporary life, but can be seen as the beginning of another wonderful life.

The children left their own space to give them a free life. In the days when they regain their freedom to control their lives, they will locate new life points, find interest, and avoid excessive attention to their old and weak in the value-added of self-worth.Provide a powerful buffer for a smooth “soft landing” after retirement.

These two kinds of home cooking are actually long-lived medicines!

These two kinds of home cooking are actually long-lived medicines!

Resist the disease to three high, improve immunity!

These two kinds of home cooking are actually long-lived medicines!
Resist the disease to three high, improve immunity!

In traditional thinking, longevity drugs are valuable foods such as ginseng and bird’s nest. Nowadays, there are often a large number of foods that can be called “longevity drugs”.

There are two kinds of home-cooked foods that can fight cancer, lower three heights, and enhance immunity. Every family has it!

Let’s take a look at what these two “home cooking” are, and why it is so amazing!

Seaweed: anti-cancer, three high in ancient times, seaweed has always been regarded as one of the precious seafood, the taste is extremely delicious, and it is loved by people.

Now, no matter what, people can buy it at any time, and it has become a kind of “home cooking”!

Seaweed is rich in nutrients, both as a food and as a traditional Chinese medicine.

In the view of Chinese medicine, seaweed is sweet and cold, with the effect of resolving phlegm and softening, clearing heat and diuresis.

From a modern scientific point of view, has some effects on seaweed?

1, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation laver glycerin can delay the body’s aging, improve the activity of superoxide dismutase in the human body, inhibit cell oxidation, reduce the content of lipofuscin, thereby anti-oxidation and anti-oxidationThe role.

In addition, the polysaccharide in seaweed can resist radiation, protect human cells from radiation and continue to mutate.

2, lower three high, cardiovascular modern people are more and more prone to rich disease, the so-called rich disease is caused by nutrient surplus in the diet, less exercise.

3, blood sugar lowering has an inhibitory effect on fasting blood glucose, and has obvious effect on lowering blood sugar.

4, enhance immunity immunity is our umbrella against all diseases.

The polysaccharide in seaweed can enhance the immune function of cells and body fluids, and vinegar promotes the production of human lymphocytes, thereby enhancing the immune function.

5, liver protection and anti-aging Japanese longevity and their diet is not unrelated, seaweed is the Japanese longevity dish, which can resist oxidation and delay the brush.

At the same time, seaweed can also protect liver cells and reduce liver toxicity.

[How to eat seaweed]20% of seaweed is fiber, and the protein content is high, but a small amount of seaweed can not fully meet the needs of the human body, and the protein content is small.

Therefore, seaweed can be used together with eggs that consume protein, as well as substances such as previous rice that can satisfy the body’s transformation.

【Note】 The laver is cold and not suitable for people with weak stomach, especially those who are prone to diarrhea or have diarrhea.

Cabbage: Anti-tumor, heat-clearing, detoxification Chinese cabbage is so common that everyone forgets that it is also a long-lived medicine.

Cabbage is a winter vegetable. It has poor transportation conditions in ancient times. Every household in the northern part of the country stores cabbage in the winter. Nowadays, transportation is developed, and fresh cabbage can be sold everywhere. It has gradually become a “home cooking”.

So, what are the effects of cabbage?

1, anti-tumor, inhibit tumor growth, cabbage, anti-tumor is derived from a variety of nutrients: First, vitamin A, vitamin C content, higher than tomato and cucumber content, can resist oxidation, prevent cell cancer; richVitamin C can also prevent the production of carcinogens and the proliferation of nucleic acids.

Basically, Chinese cabbage contains naphthoquinone-3-methanol compounds, which can promote the production of enzymes that inhibit the growth and division of polymers.

2, heat detoxification from the modern scientific point of view, 90% of the water and a large number of complementary fiber in cabbage can promote resonance and peristalsis, increase the discharge of toxins.

Cabbage is rich in nutrients, but there is almost no protein, so cabbage is best served with tofu or animal meat, which can be nutritionally comprehensive.

In addition, cabbage contains vitamins and trace elements of zinc, but contains less calcium, so cabbage or with shrimp, which can be delicious, has a high nutritional value.

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Spring decoration four fast literacy tips

Comparing the preparation of home improvement to preparing for the battle is absolutely no problem.

If you have a sloppy decoration that doesn’t suit your own mind, just look at the current news on the market to cut corners, harm health, etc., let us be scared.

Therefore, the home decoration is sloppy, we are now step by step, step by step for the preparation of the renovation of your “planning.”

The following four methods can help you solve the decoration puzzle, and the blitz action can begin.

  The kits should be prepared for the decoration of the family. Generally, the preparation should be started about two months before the renovation. In the 30-60 day decoration period, the goods may be received at any time, and the supervisors of important projects may be prepared at any time.Waiting for unexpected situations, therefore, before the renovation, you must first allocate the waiting time of the following members, and it is better to establish a waiting list for friends or neighbors who can help yourself to cope with unexpected situations.

  It is a very professional thing to decorate and bluff the decoration for the decoration of the Internet. As a layman, it is absolutely impossible to cope with the big traps and organs in the market.

Therefore, it is very necessary that 2-3 months before the renovation should begin to make up for the knowledge of decoration.

You can first go to the name of the decoration forum of the website such as SouFun Decoration to learn about the construction procedures, what are the meanings of group nouns and so on.

In the age of the Internet, the information is extremely rich, and any knowledge on the Internet can be replaced.

  2.After registering and understanding some of the decoration knowledge, you can start asking questions from the masters in the jar.

Ask netizens, ask experts, ask manufacturers, no matter if you have any doubts about the decoration, as long as you have the opportunity, you should not hesitate to ask people who have experience in decoration.

In the end, there will definitely be a total of shallow.

Tip one, first ask the netizens, wait until the Hanjin promotion from the decoration door, and then ask the experts, otherwise they rarely reply.

Tip 2, start to work hard to fill the joke, wait for everyone to be familiar with each other, and then ask questions, the effect is excellent.

  3.Of course, the easiest way to do this now is to see some articles in the home class.

For example, our “preparation for home improvement is required.”

  Tips and abacus to avoid over budget If your renovation budget is 5 million, you will often find that after the renovation, your actual cost will rise to 60,000-7 million, so I suggest you start at the beginning.At that time, I prepared a little more than the actual budget and made a margin.

Additional costs that may arise during renovation include: telephone, food and beverage, handling, and rework.

Therefore, we must be fully prepared.

  The most important preparation is that after getting the room key, in addition to checking the house quality according to the purchase contract, the field trip before the renovation was done together.

Understand whether the house is constructed of a certain material, is a superior board, or a brick-concrete structure;
If you can get the detailed drawings of the house and want to change the layout of the room, you can first understand which wall in the room is non-bearing wall can be dismantled;
You should also have a preliminary plan for the new home, for example, the future function of each room.

Socket, network cable, TV signal line layout.

The approximate location of the furniture and appliances in the room;
Check out the home improvement pictures online, and define the decoration style you want according to your own house type and your own needs.

  It is a tough job to visit the building materials market in the preparation of the building materials. If you are the person who pursues perfection, this is often not solved by visiting a building materials market.

The first time you go to the market, mainly to check the brand, understand the product, and find the materials that meet your budget, you can go to the market with the following five questions: 1.
Some things involve the effect of decoration, saving money and the effect is the election;
Some of the use of decades is to spend a lot of money, but also must buy good;
Some well-known brands are inexpensive; 4.
In some markets, the lowest discount is most likely; the price of three to five items selected in two or three markets (including building materials supermarkets and home markets) can be compared and converted into;
Which is the nearest building materials supermarket, the furniture market.

  According to the construction sequence, the materials that need to be inspected and determined first are: water pipe materials, faucets, radiators, wires, audio cables, tiles, sanitary ware.

It should be noted that some building materials need to be booked in advance, and consumers are often required to pay a certain deposit to the merchant.

Tiles are around 100-200 yuan.
In the preparation stage, if you are looking for materials, it is best not to pay the deposit easily, or to agree that the deposit can be refunded, so as to avoid many extra losses.

  Reminders must-have gadgets with room decoration everywhere is the distance, area and price conversion, so before the renovation, you can prepare a small bag, prepare some necessary tools for decoration measurement and calculation.

  1.Ben and pen.

It is especially important when visiting the building materials market. Whether it is to record the decoration knowledge, the price of the product or the contact information of the manufacturer, the design of the home, the cost during the decoration, etc., can be carefully recorded and used for reference.

Of course, the best thing is to be able to record your own renovation progress and cost every day. This is the magic weapon to control the budget.


Holding the calculator, you are not afraid of profiters setting traps on the total price.

Remind everyone, after talking to the merchants about the price, be sure to use your own calculator to verify all the total prices. If the total price is calculated incorrectly, the unit price we worked hard to cut will be meaningless.
  3.tape measure.

Measuring the house, measuring the amount of furniture, measuring the amount of cabinets, measuring the floor, in short, during the decoration process, when can not be less.

What to do in the spring?

What to do in the spring?

What should I do in the spring?

“Spring sleep does not know, smelling ostrich everywhere.

In the beautiful season when flowers bloom, adults and children often feel sleepy, unable to lift their spirits, lazy, and even drowsy.

This phenomenon is called spring sleep.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring sleep is only a physiological phenomenon that the human body can not adapt to the changes of the season and the blood flow of the brain changes.

The human brain accounts for only 2% of the body’s weight, but the blood required accounts for 20% of the heart’s blood flow, and the oxygen consumption is 30% of the total body requirement.

In the cold winter, under the regulation of the central nervous system, the capillaries of the whole body skin contract, the blood flow is relatively reduced, and the sweat glands and pores are also closed to prevent excessive dispersion and to ensure sufficient cerebral blood flow.

By the time the spring is shining, the skin’s blood vessels gradually expand, and the sweat glands and pores are also open, and the blood flow to the skin increases.

However, at this time, the volume of blood in the human body increases, resulting in a relatively reduced blood supply to the brain, insufficient energy, and naturally feels dizzy and wants to sleep.

  Some people say that the spring sleepy people are in love with the bed.

However, to solve the spring storm, sleep more instead of the way.

Although the spring sleepy is not morbid, it is not conducive to the healthy coordination of the physical and mental state of the human body. It needs to be implanted and adjusted by various methods.

  Under normal circumstances, adults can sleep for about 8 hours a day, and then increase sleep may reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex, making it in a state of inhibition, people will become more drowsy, listless, the result is the more sleepsleepy.
Spring should not only be snoozing, but should reduce sleep.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics and the Four-In-One Theory” said: “Spring March, this is called Chen.

The world is good, everything is proud.

Get up early in the night and walk in the court.

The general idea is that everything in spring is born, nature is full of vitality, people should sleep earlier and get up earlier, go up and down, relax and relax, can make the mind and body draw power from the natural world, keep an angry.

  Therefore, experts suggest that the spring often open the door to open the window, so that the indoor air is smooth; increase outdoor activities, appropriately increase the physical exercise program that suits you, increase the exchanges between people; when you are sleepy, you can smell the wind and oil,Cool oil or floral, or sprinkle some toilet water, order a hygienic fragrance to repel the sleepiness and refresh the spirit, there will be a good solution.

  In addition, diet regulation also has a good effect of eliminating sleep. For example, if you eat less food for lunch, you can reduce the additional blood supply by supplementing the absorption and absorption burden of digestion, so as to ensure sufficient blood supply to the brain and thus improve the brain.Ability to work.

Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?

Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?


Myth: The instant of beer can make people gain weight?

Do you know why people who usually drink beer have a “beer belly”, and people who drink wine always maintain a slim figure?

Why haven’t you heard of “whiskey belly” and “something wine belly” related to any other alcoholic beverage?

Is it really because the conversion of beer is particularly high and people gain weight, making people a big belly?

Oh, actually, no.

This has nothing to do with calories, because any alcoholic beverage contains virtually the same.

  People who love to drink beer have one thing in common: most of them are big belly, and the dark color is also obviously fat, showing typical feminine signs.

This points us to a clear path to find the answer: may be related to sex hormones?

Indeed, hops, like one of its close relatives, cannabis, are rich in “phytoestrogens,” a plant-active substance that has similar efficacy to estrogen.

  In fact, the relationship between beer – mainly hops – and sex, is not new knowledge in folk wisdom.

For example, in the past when the hand-picked hops were reduced, the harvest season has just arrived, and the women workers who have been picked have come to menstruation; young boys are advised that drinking hops of tea often eliminates masturbation because hops can suppress sexual desire;The mothers of the children were called to give them half a liter of beer or milk, and it was confirmed at the time that half a liter of beer could indeed double the amount of prolactin in the blood. As the name suggests, this hormone can stimulateThe secretion of milk.

However, these folk citations have not yet been recognized by the medical community.

  However, how can hormones bloated in the stomach and chest?

Can you still think of a cattle feed scandal that happened in previous years?

Yes, it involves estrogen and other chemical derivatives.

The metabolism of estrogen in the construction of muscle tissue is weaker than that of androgen, but it can increase the slightness, while the slight storage in the organ tissue makes the human or animal look full.

You should now understand why people who usually drink beer will have a “beer belly”!

  Those “bulls” who must receive estrogen feed, they get only a comfort: no problem, as long as you don’t eat, your stomach and small breasts will immediately go down – but the bulls will be willing to let themselves endure hungry

Just like you, have you given up the delicious, frothy beer?

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